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In this politically correct madhouse I don’t think Graham Swan will last 5 tests commentary’s #ashes
Yesssssssss get in Broad 1st on down tonight #ashes @mrgordonburns yessssssss
RT @andy_murray: Bbc just called to say I was PROBABLY going to be named sports personality of the year but I would have to agree to an int…
Brilliant metaphor for what we will do with this country after the lunatics in this government and some in my party… https://t.co/FX26qnSPEL
I’d love that. I adored your mum. Stay in touch. https://t.co/0ReyR6z2jE
RT @Reprieve: .@BorisJohnson had a call with Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince this week, the Kingdom says. Did the Foreign Secretary raise the c…
RT @xfarahalyx: Today, my country was bombed, a mosque, a place of worship to be specific. Over 250 deaths and not a word on social media…
No, because May govt has made it a 'red line' to refuse to stay in the European Economic Area which, as they have l… https://t.co/Zxm8D29k4W
Oh no! I was just there for the afternoon to see the pier. Nige! https://t.co/XcRkbhaWsy
"Commons leader Andrea Leadsom accused @thomasbrake of 'talking the country down'." Would be funny if the casualtie… https://t.co/hdc9sPOwKl
Here’s an encouragement to #BHAFC fans in Manchester for the United game - go to the @PHMMcr before the game it’s s… https://t.co/xJuYBVGNex
No. I was. Headed back to see Young Frankenstein. C https://t.co/dhJnViYDUl
David Cameron believed in nothing except becoming Prime Minister. If you sacrifice principles for power you have no… https://t.co/HeYvZyYbRP
Shocking loss of life in this appalling terrorist act targeting peaceful Sufis at prayer. #Eygpt https://t.co/oC5NxJyPsS
I don’t blame the people who were convinced to leave the EU. But I hold fully accountable @BorisJohnsonhttps://t.co/SOi1Q16PAV
RT @craigharrow: Surely we need to "get back control" of Brexit? https://t.co/FmBmKA1eQG
RT @flashboy: Daily Mail reported (and now deleted) false rumours about the ongoing Oxford Circus incident based on a tweet that’s OVER A W…