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RT @OFOCBrexit: There's a reason we have a theory test AND a practice test. The practicalities of Brexit are what we're seeing now. How wel…
“We disagree with Corbyn’s handling of Salisbury . So let’s start a party based on being anti-Brexit”. As founding… https://t.co/8VNox8mS4e
RT @The3Million: "These local elections could be the last in which EU nationals can vote before #Brexit brings in changes to their #citizen
Complete failure to prepare customs systems for Brexit will lead to major loss of control at borders. #FBPE New fea… https://t.co/3B9nwUM8t8
RT @ThatTimWalker: This question must now be answered: did Cambridge Analytica influence the Brexit vote? https://t.co/H3tSjU6F9P
RT @thomasbrake: Vince Cable - we should expose Labour's hypocrisy and ambiguity on #Brexit . Labour can't have it both ways and be anti-Br…
RT @HackedOffHugh: Huge story. The Brexit referendum illegally manipulated. https://t.co/3ZP38zPdbC
.@chrisgreybrexit: ‘Yet it is a huge irony that Brexit does give Britain one very strong card in dealing with Russi… https://t.co/LeOYEc3NNT
.@chrisgreybrexit: #Brexit means ‘jettisoning carefully crafted role Britain had carved out for itself in recent de… https://t.co/jk8OeOyrGg
RT @martindvz: Putin wants Brexit Russian fake profiles all over Facebook and Twitter, attacking EU, pretending to be British Brexiters I…
RT @SpenceLivermore: The Brexit you thought you were going to get vs. the Brexit you got https://t.co/466tqOW95H
RT @Rachel5742: 9. If you think #Brexit will harm our country irreparably it's time to act in every way you can & fight for the #FinalSayFo
RT @thomasbrake: Donald Tusk confirming that EU-UK trade post-#Brexit will be ‘more complicated and costly for all of us’ and that it won’t…
RT @redskyatnight: Can’t stop laughing at the idea that the Skripal business was just ‘to distract people from Brexit’. Mate, the UK lost i…
RT @ProgressOnline: .@patmcfaddenmp outlines why we cannot ignore the social and economic reasons for Brexit #PPW18 https://t.co/64rLrjbEpV
RT @lsebrexitvote: If we really want to annoy Russia, we should cancel Brexit https://t.co/CCbnvnVbV9
As long as I get to London through the snow on Monday, I will be debating #publichealth in #HouseofLords Brexit Bil… https://t.co/NkyeaVkhpJ
RT @CVOScotland: John Procter MEP talks to #TechVet18 on #Brexit theme. About the need to maintain (EU) standards to maintain trade but not…
RT @CVOScotland: #TechVet18 (AGV and VPHA joint meeting) hears from Lord Kirkhope of Harrogate on #Brexit. Good to hear him acknowledge the…