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Twitter bio: Pensions, retirement, savings, investment, social care, economics expert. Believes pensions are about people, not just about money

Affiliation: Conservative
Join Date: 19 May 2015
The heat is being turned up on Health Secretary to agree #NHS must vaccinate all boys against #HPVhttps://t.co/IdblboWdt5
Parliament IS implementing the result of the Referendum to respect the majority vote of 2016. However leaving the E… https://t.co/qJa5zvp9wf
Thank you. Yes there are many independent minded Peers on all sides who will normally vote with their party but not… https://t.co/lhOqWjJl0b
RT @ProfBrianCox: We must endeavour to be part of this - it’s a superb idea and I do not want UK citizens to be prevented from enjoying it,…
So much misinformation at the top of Govt is truly horrifying. Brexiters don't seem to understand or care about how… https://t.co/XE8e1QUs5X
RT @PaulOnBooks: Does anyone know who was Home Secretary in 2013 when the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme was abolished? https://t.…
Please don't forget what happened only a few decades ago. Truth seems to be an optional extra too frequently today… https://t.co/ysrcLFVc1U
If we leave next March then any attempt to rejoin would require us to join the Euro and we lose our Rebate so would… https://t.co/BLEeh9MRIz
Easy win for #NHS will be to agree to vaccinate all boys against #HPV Just protecting girls is clear discriminati… https://t.co/ucs5J2nsyh
A young woman just asked me to take photo of her with her phone. I asked where she's from, she said 'Poland'. I sai… https://t.co/n9cKM3FwvQ
RT @RichardHCNourse: Painful to tweet a Mail article but hop,e all the Brexiteer readers have read and understood this powerful article htt…
Backbench MPs and Peers must take the initiative and ensure the future of our nation is protected against extremist… https://t.co/hx7VdpliMS
Excellent piece in todays @DailyMail Mail on Sunday understands the dangers of hard Brexit. When will ERG (Economic… https://t.co/ZkOK7HrwJW
Very important article by CEO of Unipart explaining how vital it is to stay in Customs Union.… https://t.co/KMOqSRjqbu
RT @GuitarMoog: The fundamental error of UKGov identified bluntly by @MichelBarnier Brexit is UK's choice. It's absurd to expect the EU t…
Oh Alex I'm so sorry to hear that. Wishing you and your family long life https://t.co/ifa3C9gpld
RT @LadyPension: There are many unanswered questions still around Brexit. Inflation linked EU pensions may become a thing of the past if we…