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Twitter bio: Pensions, retirement, savings, investment and annuities expert who believes pensions are about people, not just about money

Affiliation: Conservative
Join Date: 19 May 2015
Gov has published cost estimates of leaving EU. What are implicns for jobs, business sectors on dif scenarios eg No deal, WTO, EEA etc
Here's last nights grt @cathynewman i/v discussing #Brexit concerns and politicians role in being honest abt it https://t.co/MY2D10gdBY
RT @david_colquhoun: I do hope that @rosaltmann doesn't get intimidated by brexiteer thugs. After all, it's clearer every day that brexit…
Personal vilification of @jameschappers been horrid. I feel for him&his family. He worked so closely on Brexit& seen what's happening
RT @Physologius: The hostile anti-Brexit Tories are self-destructive. This is why I admire @KenClarkeMP. https://t.co/32jskSteRp via @cathy
"@aliquis_x: @Somanylikeme @Channel4News wasnt Brexit abt democracy? Fear can never be democratic!" agree but opponents vilified/silenced!
I'm shocked to hear @jameschappers twitter account been hacked& deleted. Truly frightening if ppl silenced like this. What's happened?
"@MrBBrown: @rosaltmann EUrefuse to reform the bad parts so we must bid them adieu"nothings perfect but Gov hasn't admitted costs of leaving
"@jammesahayes: @rosaltmann great interview.. But how do we stop madness of Brexit? We just keep on in the mess" tell the truth to UK ppl!
"@AbordAlessandro: @cathynewman @rosaltmann Those who speak against Brexit will allow Tory party to survive after this fiasco" I agree!
RT @lanieleaf: @rosaltmann @cathynewman @c4news Thank you for speaking out. The more people not known for their views on brexit do this, th…
RT @madman2: @cathynewman @rosaltmann Speaking out against Brexit is a moral duty and would show a high degree of intellectual rectitude #b…
RT @PCSoblahdeehell: @sianushka It's the way such people work, at both the "high" (Gov whips, sometimes even higher) and "low" (lout) level…
"@YrrapKram: @cathynewman @rosaltmann This is the way gangsters have operated for decades." need mutual respect and informed debate
RT @charlessr1956: @rosaltmann @cathynewman @c4news VG interview.Good to hear u daring to point out people voted for improved living standa…
RT @starbie99: -- @RosAltmann worth hearing again on Brexit dangers- now on @Channel4 PLUS One
RT @3BlockM: @rosaltmann You are not alone. 48% voted to Remain. We haven't gone away.
RT @Somanylikeme: @rosaltmann declaring in @Channel4News that Brexit is disastrous but people afraid to put heads above parapet and say it!
RT @JasonYates000: @rosaltmann @cathynewman @c4news That was an incredible interview, finally someone articulates the situation. We need mo…
RT @yvomaher: @rosaltmann puts strong argument across for rethink on Brext #C4News https://t.co/FJduDOGTPm