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Twitter bio: Pensions, retirement, savings, investment and annuities expert who believes pensions are about people, not just about money

Affiliation: Conservative
Join Date: 19 May 2015
RT @gruss1960: @rosaltmann This 'divison' has been created for crude political ends - Ignore 'experts', ignore 'facts' ignore 'future real…
Money must be found for social care and NI cd help here. Everyone pays insurance premium to fund those needing care. https://t.co/yskvksgN0H
Housing costs + debt levels are big problems for many, especially young. Shd tackle directly rt discriminate between 20yrolds/40yrolds
RT @BBCNewsnight: .@rosaltmann tells #newsnight it's "very unhealthy to have this intergenerational strife" https://t.co/SYHu2mZo79
Great discussion on tax breaks for young ppl with lovely @emilyMaitlisMVP & @AhirShah on @BBCNewsnight .
Thanks. Tax system should be simplified not adding new complexities. Anlower earning 40-somethings would feel it un… https://t.co/JJm0y6cpRH
RT @TimperleyMan: @rosaltmann @BBCNewsnight Well said on Been 2 about 2 main issues are housing costs and student fees/loans.
This is not what Leave side promised voters! https://t.co/3L1AuiBYjv
My way to @BBCNewsnight to discuss inter generational policy issues. Don't punish older people to help the young!
RT @BBCNewsnight: Should Chancellor Philip Hammond cut taxes for the young? We'll discuss with @rosaltmann and @AhirShah – 22:30 on BBC Two…
Would be great to see you there if you can make it. So much to talk about on pensions https://t.co/eti8QMLIyS
Hammond is sensible and these reports are probably attempts to discredit him. Leavers desperate to defeat any alter… https://t.co/m1FOMfZ4n7
Helping the young. Have Government learned nothing from unpopularity of the recent election Manifesto? My blog https://t.co/AVnnPiI148
RT @DixieRose100: Pro-EU group in legal threat over Govt's 'secret' Brexit studies https://t.co/HtI1IUlgtp
RT @adampayne26: Chris Grayling claims everyone knew Brexit talks would be “long” and “difficult” #Marr https://t.co/AbqkqFhqJN
Leaving the EU with no deal would undo decades of progress. These threats are hollow and EU knows it. Please please get real!