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Twitter bio: Baroness Bowles of Berkhamsted. LibDem, Chair European Parliament Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee 2009-2014. Non executive director. Tweets own opinions

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 23 Oct 2015
The moment is getting pretty close even if Anna says not yet https://t.co/aguzgvfmbt
Remember the days of an extra 3% punitive interest rate for Ireland until I led the charge for cost base? https://t.co/0Oo3wMdM55
RT @emcmillanscott: @IanDunt Let's all stop equivocating: Brexit is the brainchild of about 50 Tory nerds and it's time to take them on. We…
Latest nuisance caller inquires whether we suffer from nuisance calls, replied yes I'm getting one now but they didn't seem to get it
RT @joswinson: Good to see @FT journalists putting pressure on managers on this - the statement about comparing "favourably" to others reek…
RT @emcmillanscott: I left the Tories when Cameron yielded to Brexit mythmaker @DanielJHannan and turned the party against the EU. Tragic h…
RT @PoliticoRyan: German car industry is too big to fail, and heading towards a massive fine from Brussels. We discuss here https://t.co/FZ…
RT @felixsalmon: It took me a long time to realize this really is, deeply, what the Republicans hate: the very idea of insurance, and risk…
Expect more of this when they are forced to relocate operations to Germany? https://t.co/4yRxL7Umpr
RT @DebOxley: Congratulations - a majestic piece of work for a leading @EmployeeOwned firm. https://t.co/u3SdCXjSQv
RT @AndrewDuffEU: I hereby resign from trying to explain Labour's Brexit policy to Brussels folk in case I'm taken for mad.
So we will know if they will put country first - if not the people will destroy them https://t.co/hEKJ9SCCcz
RT @LoeningMarkus: "We need an exit from #Brexit" clear and strong message of @vincecable new leader of @LibDems @ALDEParty