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Twitter bio: Baroness Bowles of Berkhamsted. LibDem, Chair European Parliament Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee 2009-2014. Non executive director. Tweets own opinions

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 23 Oct 2015
Got a new granddaughter this morning great day
RT @faisalislam: Up goes the Union flag at the European Commission, ahead of PM arrival: https://t.co/uxohaeodpP
RT @JolyonMaugham: Not sure this is right, actually. Certainly the so-called 'Three Knights' Opinion is predicated on a different view http…
RT @Rory_Palmer: This week I've launched a campaign to keep UK part of #ERASMUS. Please share/like to support; more details soon on ways to…
RT @RCorbettMEP: Anonymous Cabinet minister said “If we stop #Brexit we destroy the party, if we go ahead with it we destroy the country” W…
Agree completely with this with regard to negotiation https://t.co/hiakQgVf5u
Economics is not like laws of motion, things change https://t.co/xrS3vDOMY1
RT @vincecable: Leave HQ editor welcomes the sweet release of a dismal fate https://t.co/ITgB5ozSWu via @libdemvoice
RT @CEPS_thinktank: The Brexit divorce bill made simple comes in at just €10bn by Daniel Gros https://t.co/bB7qnYXcdh via @FT
RT @wef: Puerto Rico is using an unusual method to restore power after the hurricane https://t.co/O6FfVaZ8IV https://t.co/ujJkxj0cLr
RT @faisalislam: ... perhaps we should just set up a Brexit Negotiations WhatsApp Group to sort all this out
RT @MatthewGreen02: Sadly when I tried to get Tony Blair's support for Votes at 16 in 2001 he declined to support it. Decisions like that c…
RT @lucycthomas: What a clever idea - making use of disused phone box in little countryside village. Is this a common thing? https://t.co/a…
RT @andimanas: @SharonBowlesUK It's too late. The 27 will demand Schengen and Euro for UK and no rebate. UK has burnt it's bridges. Sorry b…
Does make me think about whether Art 4(3) on sincere cooperation being breached by council and other member states.… https://t.co/RtP1kafkhD
I've always considered Art 50 unilaterally reversible too. Quite simply when things are irreversible the EU treatie… https://t.co/eeEqJFdNJR