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Twitter bio: Baroness Brady of Knightsbridge CBE Business Woman of the Year, Presenter ITV Give It A Year, Best Selling Author, The Apprentice Inspirational Global Speaker

Affiliation: Conservative
Join Date: 22 Sep 2014
Whatever you think of Lena Dunham you should praise her for body positivity https://t.co/Zssh7jlrTe
Watching the game in Hyde Park - COME ON ENGLAND! https://t.co/744TN4XfXn
What a GREAT day this is turning out to be!
So pleased you like it, BEST of LUCK with everything you do - just go out there and be amazing! https://t.co/eHDW3CtOBD
World Cup Commentator Vicki Sparks has kicked those outdated blokes into touch https://t.co/rZraOlGjog
What a great England performance, just brilliant.
Good Morning - heres the link to my column - hope you enjoy the read - let me know what you think.... https://t.co/3eaxVejmBf
#FooFighters just FANTASTIC this evening - David Grhol said ''F**k Wembley - this stadium is the big time' and it… https://t.co/MTXBS877HJ
So pleased to hear you are enjoying it - best of luck with everything you do x https://t.co/siulVz1cx4
Kelly Brook is wrong for saying working mums shouldn't talk about their kids https://t.co/PyCaM7yyj6
8pm tonight Give it a Year on ITV - meet the budding entrepreneurs hoping to realize their business ambitions...