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Twitter bio: Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Equalities

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 9 Oct 2015
Ask @AmberRuddHR to grant Kelvin Bilal Fawaz British citizenship https://t.co/9iOLQQK54m via @38_degrees
Lady Sherlock asked a very fair question on kinship carers today being excluded from from benefits. These problems… https://t.co/bbnJ8tEYWp
A police station specifically for women! These officers are literally transforming the face of policing in Karachi.… https://t.co/IsALd2gcC6
No cooking the books here!! Women police officer at the women’s reporting desk at Darakha Police Station, Karachi,… https://t.co/BiJSfO3VwB
So where’s one place you can see a Christmas tree in Karachi? At the home of the British Deputy High Commissioner,… https://t.co/WxElhn3pig
Whatever you do, do not mess with this woman! She’s Shahla Qureshi, the first ever woman Superintendent in Karachi.… https://t.co/d2HZ4iwwPe
The team with Majida Razvi and other staff from the Panay Refuge in Karachi. Taking in women victims of violence, g… https://t.co/HPc30vgvc6
This, my friends, is Judge Majida Razvi, a one woman force in the cause of woman victims of violence. As well as in… https://t.co/VHUJRjhTCJ
Hanging out with the Women’s Action Forum - dedicated and inspirational women working together to achieve gender ju… https://t.co/p6C1b4GGYB
Getting down to business with the Legal Rights Forum - organisations from the legal and academic worlds working tog… https://t.co/utSADGTZr1
Greetings from Women of the World Festival, Karachi. British Council Director Chris Hunt and first male curator Mut… https://t.co/sFo6IyICfl
RT @ChrisinKarachi: Exploring how we can continue and broaden the #WOWKHI conversation and inclusion in #Karachi with @pkBritish and Barone…
RT @rosemaryhilh: Thank you @LorelyBurt for sharing your thoughts with us #WOWKHI and for leading as equalities spokesperson #UK @VSO_Intl
Today is International Day for Persons with Disabilities. Talking about how companies and politicians could be more… https://t.co/b0r9md4S6Q
Did you know that 54% of people viewing Women of the World social media in Pakistan are men? 82% are under 35. Reac… https://t.co/xhguxjTLA2
Greetings from Women of the World Festival, Karachi. British Council Director Chris Hunt and first male curator Mu… https://t.co/JIrGCajN5v
27% decrease in HIV support services over past 2 years but approx 13,000 still undiagnosed. We’re not meeting UN t… https://t.co/1AYClzJshB
Call on @theresa_may to protect funding for #Women's Refuges - #16days #SaveRefugesSaveLives - Please sign the… https://t.co/CeEFoY1Ux2