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Affiliation: Crossbench
Join Date: 5 Oct 2005
My experience: same photo every year, Principal a year older, freshers always 18! @StAnnesCollege https://t.co/FvLDirJg7K
Young commuters be careful running into elderly folk - we don't bounce when we fall on to ticket barriers like you do #Marylebone
Thank u to wonderful #Marylebone station staff who helped me after man accidentally knocked me over - broken teeth, black eye, sore back
How a talented woman can succeed #JoDQC ,#GreshamCollege, #StAnnesCollege, but shdn't be so hard https://t.co/Qk6dZY05Zm
Essential reading for all women & all lawyers: the most comprehensive & convincing account of women at the Bar - https://t.co/Qk6dZY05Zm
Scots law on financial provision & divorce better than English. We shd copy. https://t.co/yuvpzwJB8I
Scots law gets it right. Many countries mandate longer separation grounds where no consent. Get finances sorted bef… https://t.co/lT9GsKwFpD
RT @BaronessDeech: @chgough Special procedure means no court appearance, since 1977. Only in rarest cases.
RT @BaronessDeech: @MissJoEdwards When both agree, maybe OK. But Resolution proposal is 6 months if only one spouse wants it.
This poll is based on false info - we already have no fault divorce but it needs 2 or 5 years' separation. https://t.co/lngKTQGqge
Independent determination is crucial. There is no non-BBC decisionmaker involved until complaint reaches OFCOM at e… https://t.co/0kfR5IyQNP
Wd you take same line re ending employment or tenancy? Changes need time & reasons. https://t.co/Y7jPnL0Vpi
@LizTrinder1There's a case for building in delay before absolute in "fault" grounds, & need to rid financial provision of cost, delay,anger
RT @BaronessDeech: @MissJoEdwards @maybulman @ResFamilyLaw We have nofault divorce now. Issue is whether spouse who objects to divorce shd…
What was all that about #EU keeping the peace in Europe? All hopes of independence anywhere have to be blocked. https://t.co/7AMqWli0cH