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Affiliation: Crossbench
Join Date: 5 Oct 2005
The EU Withdrawal Bill amendments - naive or Machiavellian? Explored here https://t.co/Nn4j1Pne8C
UK has too many legal profession regulators, says ex-Bar watchdog https://t.co/CveHGpvdbF #thebrief
RT @AlanBatesLaw: Thanks to @BaronessDeech for speaking up in Parliament about the awfulness of the arrangements for regulating legal servi…
Is Corbyn celebrating restoration of the temple, recovery of Jerusalem and Jewish self-determination? that's what H… https://t.co/rBxTDhzvud
Good news for trade post referendum and in the future - https://t.co/T2sjh8zITi
Glad to know he is celebrating the recovery of the Temple and Jerusalem and self determination for the Jews. https://t.co/UGEvSkH0wl
Parliament can only take back control once we are out of the EU. https://t.co/m4n9XJ3UgV
Does anyone believe that if MPs voted against the final deal the EU will then give us a better one? https://t.co/aFAwaqVdS0
Note the more constructive analysis from Barnabas Reynolds https://t.co/SQG65EVNMl, only fleetingly mentioned by th… https://t.co/kHBxJgqNBC
RT @jdgreenblatt45: Today I welcomed the family of Avera Mengistu to the White House. Avera has been held by Hamas in Gaza for over 1,000 d…
Not only has the #EU done nothing about increased antisemitism, arguably its policies have contributed to it. https://t.co/Ok5QXm9UIS
Plenty of free speech then, but it should always be within the law https://t.co/Au9eWsypb8
ECJ scope and method of appointing judges has long been subject of criticism at the highest level. Not an admirable… https://t.co/f18TaIzMuY
How much the UK gained from great S African lawyers who quit during the apartheid era! And doctors too. https://t.co/JlRsuXCUXG
Nice to know that professors ranked even higher - & twitterers not featured at all! https://t.co/66VaeTko4r
Wonderful news! Looking forward to more realistic and constructive UK policy towards Israel and the UN post Brexit.… https://t.co/FRtmfqMAOQ
RT @UKMediaWatch: In the 1940s, 265,000 Jews lived in Morocco, 135,000 in Iraq, 140,000 in Algeria, 75,000 in Egypt, 100,000 in Tunisia & 1…