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Twitter bio: https://t.co/oAJkMTqqbc

Affiliation: Crossbench
Join Date: 5 Oct 2005
New true rebuke at West Way to @WhiteHorseDC & developers who’ve trashed Botley shopping and neighbourhood https://t.co/VUWy7ygvSo
We already have #NoFaultDivorce, but involves waiting 2 years with consent 5 without. This proposal is about making… https://t.co/KSIQSgrrVJ
Erdogan: occupier of N Cyprus, jailer of judges and journalists https://t.co/QqTzDiJSjp
RT @BristolLive: A Jewish writer shares her experience of antisemitism since moving to what she believed to be one of the most antiracist a…
.@EldridgeTegan Thank you and friends for brilliant performance for me and 90 guests at the House of Lords last nig… https://t.co/j62rbkjOkV
Great man did a great job. Happy retirement to him and good health https://t.co/nyKqqQlirS
Read the Bill: it allows longer maintenance when there is good reason. Judges shd acknowledge it’s time for reform https://t.co/FbOlCW3vWo
His legacy - the destruction of Botley shopping centre and vicinity without regard to the wishes of the residents. https://t.co/0hga5s1wB4
Disgracefully inapt analogy. Lack of understanding of real victims of Nazism, & won't help Windrush situation. https://t.co/NZbKk5PkNk
Congratulations Richard, and wishing you many more years of scholarship. You were just as brilliant when we met at… https://t.co/56DtW81eoH
That's right. And how could you have an effective strike if all possibilities & intelligence have to be revealed to… https://t.co/5KQyMbydvS
She's an esteemed graduate of @StAnnesCollege - as are lots of journalists https://t.co/3bk1ZocHL4
Germany gets special deal, and will never thwart Russia. Another good reason to leave EU and stop sharing any sover… https://t.co/lNQgwzMxtH