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Twitter bio: Chairman EU Sub-Committee on Financial Affairs, Liberal Democrats, House of Lords, Visiting Professor at King's College, London

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 2 Jun 2004
#CatalanRederendum Spanish constitut. talks of Spanish nation'. Catas don't see themselves as Spanish so diff for Spain to claim illegality.
But the next panel is all women so we'll get some answers ... hopefully. https://t.co/zDvSLwGpLV
RT @SigalSamuel: Even as Saudi Arabia agrees to let women drive, one tells me those who pushed for that right are being silenced https://t.…
RT @DahrendorfForum: France is in a bigger political crisis than Germany. Fringe parties received a larger percentage of the vote - @pisani
RT @DahrendorfForum: "We are seduced by the tyranny of the average. We may be better off on average, but not as individuals." @IainBeggLSE
For now - let's see how they do in 4 yrs. UKIP peaked and fell even before Brexit. Opposition means you can't actua… https://t.co/K4wRzobWA7
Really pleased to be speaking today in Berlin @thehertieschool @DahrendorfForum on Brexit the UK position. #Elections2017
Saudi Arabia's election to UN Human Rights Council meant they had to concede something. Long way to go yet. https://t.co/KrmDIxqIhU
One win but Saudi women still can't travel without permission from guardian or even see a male doctor- Long way to… https://t.co/aMu4vFGlhx
#Newsnight Spanish govt rep says referendum illegal. But when two main parties appoint constitutional ct judges, Catalans don't respect Ct.
Good to see new OSCE Rep on Freedom of Media speaking out so clearly for his mandate. https://t.co/b5pjnqhUyU
RT @IanDunt: Ken Clarke: "Perhaps a little more cross party discussion, particularly on Brexit, and a little less shouting slogans."
Fabulous to have Jo Swinson back. Lib Dems who served in Gov't bring much needed heft on Lib Dem benches. https://t.co/TUPKPpRf3j
RT @Number10cat: For anyone just waking up, you're best going back to bed for a few weeks while we sort this out... #GE2017
Britain’s Narrowing Polls Throw the Unwritten Laws of Politics into Question | Chatham House https://t.co/wt6JGVlTa3
Mishal wrong to imply that Boris voting against 90 day detention w/o charge, implies weakness - it was rightly defeated in Lords #r4today