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Twitter bio: Chairman EU Sub-Committee on Financial Affairs, Liberal Democrats, House of Lords, Visiting Professor at King's College, London

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 2 Jun 2004
RT @IanDunt: Ken Clarke: "Perhaps a little more cross party discussion, particularly on Brexit, and a little less shouting slogans."
Fabulous to have Jo Swinson back. Lib Dems who served in Gov't bring much needed heft on Lib Dem benches. https://t.co/TUPKPpRf3j
RT @Number10cat: For anyone just waking up, you're best going back to bed for a few weeks while we sort this out... #GE2017
Britain’s Narrowing Polls Throw the Unwritten Laws of Politics into Question | Chatham House https://t.co/wt6JGVlTa3
Mishal wrong to imply that Boris voting against 90 day detention w/o charge, implies weakness - it was rightly defeated in Lords #r4today
RT @ulrichspeck: @CER_Grant Or: UK thinks bilateral rel with Germany is key for Brexit while Germany considers it a multilateral issue with…
#Brexit Great to be here near Berlin @ Koenigswinter conf. Chancllor Philip Hammond says Anglo-German relationship moves to stronger footng.
They're all Brexiteers as of yesterday - collective cabinet responsibility might last for a few weeks at least.… https://t.co/bYScSec4Nz
RT @PolhomeEditor: Boris Johnson in October: "Our policy is having our cake and eating it." Philip Hammond on #today: "We can't have our ca…
.@bbcnickrobinson HoL rpt re UK not legally obliged to pay. Yes, my comm. said that, but also said the UK should honour it's commitments.
#osce conf. security pol today in Vienna with min silence for victims of Westminster attack. Determin to work together against terrorism.
#Dutchvote Good to see Liberal parties surging ahead. Rutte's VVD great eg. of muscular Liberalism. D66 our conscience. Lib Dems take note.
Just gave my HoL A50 speech opposing a 2nd referendum. Read my reasons here: https://t.co/De9B8pU2Ik
My A50 sp. in HoL today agred w/t Ganesh 'Brexit is an idea whose only effective rebuttal is its own implementation' https://t.co/rVYozjfbvM
Good. If Commons came over more they'd have a better idea of what we are here for. Looking forward to speaking at 1… https://t.co/zhqWmN1rwV
Really pleased to be leading EU Financial Affairs Committee report on 'Brexit: Financial Services. A lot at stake if Gov gets negot. wrong
Congratulations, Sian, good to see UK diplomacy is still valued. https://t.co/4tGo6621Is
RT @UKOSCE: In 2017, the United Kingdom will be chairing the OSCE's Human Dimension Committee. Follow all of our events throughout the year…