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Twitter bio: Chairman EU Sub-Committee on Financial Affairs, House of Lords, Chair @Five_Rights Campaign, Visiting Professor at King's College, London

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 2 Jun 2004
RT @CraigOliver100: Fascinating interview with @theresa_may on #Marr. She made clear a deal means compromise and no one else has a workable…
Anticipating the RAF flypast, we’re out of our offices on Parliament square. So proud of Britain https://t.co/OeKqxZQdLw
RT @GaryLineker: Who would have thought a month ago that David Davis would resign before Gareth Southgate?
RT @AndrewDuffEU: Cancel all vacation. The Chequers agreement is a good one, and pushes forward towards a decent Brexit deal and a sane and…
Because Financial Services and professional services will be allowed divergence? By far the more important part of… https://t.co/o3BIYw03Cw
RT @business: Judge Brett Kavanaugh has the inside track within the White House to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court, according to three…
It’s what we should have been thinking about all along. AD is the clearest thinker on UK-EU relations - shame the L… https://t.co/BMsTrXorp1
RT @Freedland: I always think fate favours the most dramatic storyline. On that logic, in the age of Brexit, surely the narrative gods want…
You need to understand the spectrum of German politics to get why the Merkel magic isn’t working. This view is the… https://t.co/2NZ6rUhb7f
It’s well worth reading, going into the longer term issues of how we rule ourselves. https://t.co/j0KShZpleV
What don’t they just nationalise it then - 20 years after a Labour PM gave it independence? Labour economic policy… https://t.co/ty29SG8uo3
This is the time for the Lords to conform to the limitations of their powers. I hope our debate accepting Gov amen… https://t.co/6SJdvYaKfu
RT @bbclaurak: Grieve take many many words and minutes to back down
RT @rbrharrison: Fascinating chart from a fascinating report - decade of weak income growth in the UK starting in 2002, better since 2012 h…
It’s an interesting idea - association agreement in reverse. @AndrewDuffEU has written widely on it. https://t.co/VkdDyY9rIp
RT @ianbremmer: Countries hosting the most refugees per 1K inhabitants at the end of 2017 1 Lebanon 164 refugees per 1K inhabitants 2 Jor…
RT @jillongovt: the EU's thickening red lines threaten a #brexit outcome on security in noone's interests @timd_IFG @instituteforgov https:…
No doubt high Leave EU vote is influenced by asymmetric constitution in Uk favouring NI, Scotland, Wales at expense… https://t.co/v6LECkZtr7