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Twitter bio: Former Lib Dem MP Hornsey & Wood Green, Minister in coalition, Energy & Climate Change spokesperson, originator and architect of same sex marriage law. Peer.

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 20 Oct 2015
Trump told Theresa how to deal with EU ‘but she didn’t listen’. Go Theresa!
Where were their balls when they were at Chequers agreeing to May’s proposals? Cowards both!
What cowardly, egotistical apologies for decent human beings are David Davis and Boris Johnson. No principles - just self interest!
RT @taylorkwinship: Let's be clear, the Conservatives can't claim to have 'introduced' same sex marriage. This was a @LibDems initiative le…
Yup. I got it past the cabinet, agreed and then at last minute Cameron said he’d kill ssm if I didn’t drop straight… https://t.co/5R18Xy4KIj
As originator of same sex marriage in !coalition - I got straight civil partnerships through. Cameron knocked them out. Today wrong righted
RT @jmrogerson: Beautiful sunny afternoon to be eating strawberries and drinking Pimms at the @SheffLibDems summer party. Lovely to be join…
Feels weird - watching England without that gnawing anxiety I usually get - but I can deal with it
RT @MrDominicBuxton: Good to be at the #PeoplesVoteMarch with @_tarahussain_, fighting for an #ExitFromBrexit with the #LibDems. We believe…
RT @MPSHaringey: Have you seen missing Emily Janet Davidson from #Haringey? If seen please call 999 https://t.co/X8ML51mEcN
RT @Clive_Carter: THE new Leader of the UK’s #1stCorbynCouncil—Cllr. @CllrEjiofor—has placed Charles Adje @coadje in charge of ‘Strategic R…
RT @The_AEF: Responding to a question about the challenge of aviation emissions and Heathrow expansion at @Policy_Exchange event, @lfeather
RT @thomasmessenger: .@lfeatherstone: There was no urgency in Government post-Paris Agreement. We are nowhere near having the policies in p…
RT @trevdick: #Labour Shouldn't have given them a blank A50 Cheque in the first place Keir!! https://t.co/fIIpTSqvuF
RT @Geoelte_Spinne: @Keir_Starmer Keir, you enabled this. Your spineless inaction and refusal to confront your idiotic leader. If Brexit h…