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Twitter bio: Deputy Leader of Labour Lords and shadow Brexit minister. Lords since 2010, formerly consumer/ vol org activist, & Labour Party Chair.

Affiliation: Labour
Join Date: 22 Jun 2010
RT @christopherhope: Wow! Total victory for European Research Group whipping operation run by @SteveBakerHW. Backbench Brexiteers are now r…
RT @bbclaurak: Even more messy - now told some Tory MPs will vote against the govt tonight because they are so cross that ministers have gi…
@GlenysThornton on what the Mental Capacity (Amendment) Bill means for the human rights of people in carel… https://t.co/4tuIQJP0y1
RT @UKLabour: As Theresa May tries to explain her botched Brexit plan on #Marr, here's reminder of who she has chosen to lead the negotiati…
RT @PhilipGlanville: Still waiting to start start the #British10k. Today I'm running for friends and @NETPatientFound #NETCancer #letstalka
I'm beginning to feel for a Conservative Prime Minister. Great achievement from US President. https://t.co/WxqLuwNwEA
The gov keeps saying it's preparing for all eventualities, including No Deal. But when I ask what would happen if n… https://t.co/0CvNjaYmpE
Oh dear - less BBC coverage of politics just at a time when what the government is up to couldn't be more important… https://t.co/HVY3QlCr3j
thanks for the hospitality - a very welcome cup of tea - and for all your briefings re Brexit. We will work to safe… https://t.co/DdWhwjjicN
Sorry - isn't US made up of immigrants? Trump certainly not a native American. https://t.co/1FZSEgtC8Z
He criticises a female leader in Germany, a female leader in the UK, and a BME Mayor in London. But he really likes… https://t.co/6RytOdjvaV
RT @adrianmcmenamin: Analysis: EU will say UK’s customs proposal is unworkable via @IrishTimes https://t.co/h9PueZD4Uj
RT @FrancesOGrady: Can't believe it's taken two years to get to this point. A white paper full of holes, that delivers little or nothing fo…
Doreen Massey: The government seems clueless about the impact of cuts to early years services. https://t.co/J6Hyx2Jlsd via @LabourLordsUK
RT @feryaldemirci: Introducing London’s first ultra-low-emission street -> working to clean up the air in our borough/city @mayorofhackney
RT @LabourLordsUK: #LordsQs Don Touhig challenging @educationgovuk Agnew over Govt's failure to act against schools discriminating against…