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Twitter bio: Daughter of immigrants. Zero tolerance of racism. Equalities spokesperson, Lib Dems. House of Lords. Animal lover. My views.

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 25 Jun 2010
RT @davidschneider: “Sorry I was racist. I was only following orders” https://t.co/0TuPsV3Cin
Only aggressive sounding noise is your obvious racism & intolerance. https://t.co/3gJUBcRAFW
RT @camanpour: Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia William J. Burns doesn't mince his words on the Trump/Putin summit: "I think that press con…
In other words, they lied that 80m Turks were all coming to the UK? #Brexitlies https://t.co/cR414qA8YJ
RT @AnimalsAsia: Imagine going from isolation in a tiny cage with nothing to experience but painful bile extraction - to this. Pool parti…
RT @StopFundingHate: Today's Daily Mail claims yesterday's peaceful protest in London "shames Britain". Share if you think headlines like t…
RT @Emina_ibrahim: Fascist giving a police officer a Nazi salute. This is British fascism on our streets. https://t.co/an3kGEHmB0
Hope the @CommissionCE is taking note of the rise in far right extremism & hate crimes, & how it's becoming normali… https://t.co/LyNHH78fDf
RT @_HelenDale: The fox I planted last year is coming along nicely. https://t.co/o6PbMREzpp
RT @KhaledBeydoun: Zidane and Pogba - two Muslims that led France to their two #WorldCup titles. In 1998 and 2018. Their faces illuminate…
Frightening, but entirely plausible. Mainstream media giving his supporters a platform. https://t.co/m3enIkcIPd
Killing of Palestinian children by Israel sadly becoming routine & not reported. RIP #Gaza https://t.co/FOUIZH5aBn
Trump advises TM to 'sue the EU' Beyond stupid: Theresa May reveals Donald Trump's 'brutal' advice to her about Bre… https://t.co/8xChY9UpV1
I was due to fly to Cyprus on this day with my mother to see our brand new house in Larnaca, my parents built to re… https://t.co/bPieWslNO6
RT @nazirafzal: Having prosecuted these gangs when others didn’t, religion was the last thing on rapists mind This is selective bigotry H…
RT @jonnywoo34: I'm British shall I tell you what embarrasses me: Brexit ✔ Poverty ✔ Katie Hopkins ✔ UKIP ✔ Homelessness ✔ Racism ✔ Tommy…