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Twitter bio: Surprised to be a Peer. Hates waste of all kinds. Founder with Theresa May @Women2Win. Chancellor Writtle University College. Likes happy endings. And a laugh

Affiliation: Conservative
Join Date: 26 Jan 2011
looking forward to #foodwaste banquet and to seeing inspirational @RefettorioFelix with @TristramStuart @feedbackorg and @HughsWaronWaste ?
People who care about #Foodwaste #Hunger #Obesity come to #Richmond to help find solutions. 14th November. Fab pa… https://t.co/bnErDuVxCp
Great presentation by @Atayeshe Dr Natalia Kane on launch of @UNFPA report #SWOP2017. Great to hear @DFID_UK and U… https://t.co/qNJ9eZDkEU
At launch of @UNFPA State of World Popularion report. Reproductive health and rights in an age of inequality. Focus on #women.
I know families today come in all shapes but this is a rather unbalanced and undiverse 'family'! @g7 @theresecoffey https://t.co/gaySEYH2Pc
RT @NickyMorgan01: Interesting that @ConGrassRoots letter on transgender cannot get my gender right - not all Conservative MPs are male! ht…
Anyone else listening to #Oscar on @BBCRadio4 #Today? What an extraordinarily composed and articulate child. @MyCafcass
Good. Drives me nuts that S American rain forest cut down to plant #soy - not for indigenous people to eat, but imp… https://t.co/WdjP9E0TAv
RT @WRAP_UK: Around the world, #foodwaste & #foodloss is a big environmental issue. Take action this #WorldFoodDay https://t.co/J7lFX2HRvy
Thanks to @AlistairBurtUK for meeting @APPGPopDevRep reps @UKParliament to discuss sexual and reproductive issues for @DFID_UK esp refugees
I think I am one of them. Although as I don't throw food away it doesn't happen! #foodwaste @feedbackorg @LFHW_UKhttps://t.co/f7ej5OeEjG
RT @gabyhinsliff: If you're wondering how people from opposite parties can possibly be friends, this is how https://t.co/yGAxgOOgSA
RT @Conservative_JA: What does the #Conservative Party do for women? They make them PM, Home Secretary, Leader of the Commons and Leader of…
My week on Twitter 🎉: 33 New Followers, 60 Mentions, 170K Mention Reach, 170 Favorited, 20 Replies. See yours with… https://t.co/3ArLtYIva7