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Twitter bio: "Dot com dinosaur" apparently. Fighting for a fairer internet @doteveryoneuk. Chancellor of @openuniversity + cross bench peer. Board member @twitter

Affiliation: Crossbench
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Perfect Aug holiday listening - she's so good at simplifying ideas https://t.co/0fOQXWLxtG
RT @sarahdrinkwater: Great piece. Consistently, the founders I see do well are relationship + team builders https://t.co/26WnIas5AH
If yr interested + do like the views of respected scientists- this is an evidence heavy and v imp piece on climate https://t.co/vNyc83JDFf
RT @Freeman_George: Yep @Marthalanefox, no public policy area more needs a rational, evidence-based, scientific, dogma-free approach based…
RT @ukbenallen: #r4today falling into the 'balance trap' of presenting a 97-3 agreement on climate change as if it's 50-50.
+ look at what's happening to our life support- the oceans... https://t.co/rZhyi4zKYt
@SarahLudford What is today prog doing? The trends are clear and we need much more responsible reporting
Even if you think some bits wrong, look at oceans, look at planet temperatures, it's irresponsible + uninformed and not impartial just nuts
I am flabbergasted @BBCr4today tries to build a case against #climate change - you are on wrong side of history + it's totally unacceptable
I know it's old news but the sun is shining again so maybe you need a podcast for ur walk? 😉 https://t.co/hZIBUuNgIM
RT @MarinaHyde: . @jameschappers has been vv brave on Brexit - & a whole range of politicians are too craven to say the same even though th…
This is fascinating on what war with #NorthKorea looks like. Today is the day you should listen... https://t.co/ArBSDuI5dr
RT @SophieRunning: "Women are biologically inferior" = eugenics. Google's Damore had to go. https://t.co/cFFqRM0Yma via @CityAM
RT @gideonrachman: Here's something I wrote back in April. Sadly, even more relevant now https://t.co/EIIcrdgont via @FT