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Twitter bio: @LibDems Lords spokesman on Europe, former MEP. Married to Steve Hitchins. Islingtonian, Londoner, Brit, European, #CitizenoftheWorld, want to #ExitfromBrexit

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 30 Sep 1997
But you still went to Dacre's bash the other night - what are you saying to him, apart, presumably, from 'Thank you… https://t.co/OZxm7tcJGL
.@DeccaJourno is a very good interviewer
Blair: "I agree, if Jeremy Corbyn was to say ‘Look, I’ve always been sceptical about Europe, but I’ve now looked at… https://t.co/JSsZ7RP5WA
Blair: "Guys, come on! I mean, what the hell are you in politics for? Of course, you’ve got to listen to people, bu… https://t.co/24Gp1T10Ae
Blair: Guys, come on! I mean, what the hell are you in politics for? Of course, you’ve got to listen to people, but… https://t.co/lWUREcrLmX
"Voters need to be told that all their concerns about jobs, public services, opportunities for young people and, cr… https://t.co/NTpE68D5mM
'every time you move towards Norway you’ll be accepting the rules of the EU but you’ve lost your say in it, and eve… https://t.co/M9FLhYH8F7
'To leave the EU is an extraordinary thing to do..if you think it’s the most important dec this country has taken i… https://t.co/khBiRHJEoC
'we need to fix the roof back home..convincing people that those in positions of power are committed to helping the… https://t.co/XrERL6B5ZY
'When we deliver a collective EU position we speak for 20% of the world economy and 7% of the world’s population. I… https://t.co/YGqdfQxtf6
'Brexit supporters see greater promise in dynamic relationships further afield, but many of their expectations are… https://t.co/HcUw8ptFfB
'We would be stronger staying in the EU..The EU has been a powerful multiplier for our foreign policy..Together, we… https://t.co/6Hp1IuZf4j
'Polling since this time last year appears to demonstrate a clear trend; Leave enjoyed a lead last December which g… https://t.co/z3JqJzU5B7
'After 'don’t knows' were either pushed for an answer or otherwise excluded, 55.5 per cent backed Remain and 44.5 b… https://t.co/JYnANtT3lD
'leading political figures write in @Independent tmrw about whether the country needs a further ref to decide on Br… https://t.co/y44qGwZW2V
Trump turning US into 'world champion of extreme inequality', UN envoy warns | US news | The Guardian https://t.co/1RRqCnkkDv
Fair enough, I'm making no judgment call! There are times when a fancy salad suits and others when a fry-up fits th… https://t.co/njxQ18wrPR
Funnily enough, I do not take well to be told to 'calm down dear'. Never. Ever. https://t.co/IzecUrMEZy
'These are the people you never see. Behind every Greggs, every Pret, on every high street in Britain.' Well I for… https://t.co/G7lKH6XmCn