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Twitter bio: LibDem Lords shadow Brexit minister, ex-MEP, married to Steve Hitchins. Islingtonian, Londoner, Brit, European, #Remainer #CitizenoftheWorld #Activist

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 30 Sep 1997
Well done @Emmabarnett for persistence & stamina! 'Same relationship' seems to have replaced 'exact same benefits';… https://t.co/YeIl53P5JM
There was dispute betw @EU_Commission & UK about meaning of 'Comp Sickness Ins' for whether those w/out jobs - Com… https://t.co/mPS1tS32na
Brexiteer promises 'obscure all the weaknesses that lie beneath the surface..Britons are not remotely prepared for… https://t.co/d78iZmODjn
RT @hughster: Owen Jones & Momentum want to #Unseat Anna Soubry, one of the most prominent anti-Brexit MPs, & replace her with one who'll w…
'These losses to EU budget are still ongoing since this fraud has not been stopped to date..fraud hub in UK has con… https://t.co/ohKUDrdO6b
"UK customs’ 'continuous negligence' deprived EU of €2bn in lost duties on Chinese merchandise". Great time to be a… https://t.co/RdhvFrMkh1
RT @roisinmiller: Someone on my train has actually just said to a German woman (stranger) "you know we're going to chuck you out soon?" The…
RT @BorisOwes: As of 10:30pm, 16th August 2017, @BorisJohnson owes our NHS £20.377 billion. https://t.co/uCLsyTPQYD
.@vincecable on his new political thriller 'Open Arms': 'book is perhaps less discreet than it should be'. Oh good-o https://t.co/rtekgQVj1d
'for all its nice words, feels less like a serious attempt to find solutions and more like an early move in the bla… https://t.co/U0cSZqzdqK
'credible only if accept 2 mutually incompat props: a) UK creating biggest pol/econ revoltn since 73 b) pretty much… https://t.co/etYbC3e9C6
.@fotoole: 'behind all of these delightful reassurances, there is sweet FA' https://t.co/7ssoT6p2BQ
'almost like daring EU to oppose their suggestions, at which stage will accuse it of threatening peace process' https://t.co/4V0XJCpcrd
.@IanDunt: 'pos paper on Irl suggests no plans to deal w prob except plead w EU to save us from our own decisions' https://t.co/4V0XJC7B2D
RT @NaomiOhReally: Between 1971 and 1976, 20% of the British Army's manpower in Northern Ireland was dedicated to securing the border, and…
'The Labour leadership's mixed signals are the product of cynical positioning in the absence of anything approachin… https://t.co/rtNVZBEpjw
'The last thing Labour leadership wants is to say what it actually believes on Brexit - hard to say when you have n… https://t.co/ok4un1pdMK
T Villiers makes clear tht avoiding hard border in Irl means more outsourcing 2 employers of immig control - more red tape. #takebackcontrol