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Twitter bio: @LibDemLords spokesman on Europe, former MEP. Married to Steve Hitchins. Islingtonian, Londoner, Brit, European, #CitizenoftheWorld, want to #ExitfromBrexit

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 30 Sep 1997
Hi @markpack: not quite ‘all’ I think, you seem to have left me out! https://t.co/PYyRHCkdhr
I've #justsponsored Lucy Searle + Dr Kerry Robinson, who's fundraising for The Whittington Hospital Charitable Fund… https://t.co/NoBhKxvmRn
#brexitdealvote apparently goes down better with many voters than #FinalSay, so I’m using the former instead of the… https://t.co/GQ2zsUQt1z
This is the UKIP guy who is got re-elected as an MEP for London in 2014, beating me....#justsayin https://t.co/DwnHJ3AGKP
.@chrisgreybrexit: ‘Yet it is a huge irony that Brexit does give Britain one very strong card in dealing with Russi… https://t.co/LeOYEc3NNT
.@chrisgreybrexit: #Brexit means ‘jettisoning carefully crafted role Britain had carved out for itself in recent de… https://t.co/jk8OeOyrGg
Quite so, but reality is that customs, VAT, recuitment of workers, in-country immigration checks (by landlords as w… https://t.co/fIJD7vhB0k
Hitler ‘preferred big lies to little ones. The people heard what they wanted to hear, that Hitler would make German… https://t.co/hoVRPnHO77
“A people who crave comfortable myths are susceptible to lies. Adolf Hitler lied all the time’ Can’t say we’ve not… https://t.co/16FB84YXqD
“Hitler’s ignorance harmonised perfectly with the wilful blindness of his followers. He scorned experts & intellect… https://t.co/rS1oU4MLAh
One contemporary complained: “the people are tired of reason, thought & reflection. They ask: ‘what has reason don… https://t.co/5sKPVGIcYj
“This ghastly tale should be told at frequent intervals so that we do not become complacent.” Indeed. Descent into… https://t.co/jdJHVA2daG
Thanks @joelmcw, very candid and useful. It’s not a cause of embarrasment to realise that #Brexit is not turning ou… https://t.co/bv9ueWAeF4
‘I didn’t vote for what it appears we’re going to get now.’ Everyone, however they voted in 2016, needs the opport… https://t.co/VKdS641HNE
Grayling says trade would be managed electronically after March 2019. So we’re going to have ‘virtual trade’? https://t.co/l2TlaCvPBb