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Twitter bio: Labour Assembly Member for Mid & West Wales. Member House of Lords, Former MEP.

Affiliation: Labour
Join Date: 24 Jan 2011
@Eluned_Morgan programme asked whether the Welsh language was a help or hindrance to the nation
Ok what on earth did I miss on Newsnight last night?
Dathlu can mlwyddiant camp Hedd Wyn yn ennill y gadair wrth ei gofeb yn Nhrawsfynydd. Pennod trist yn hanes ein gwl… https://t.co/QwBa82vfGC
The lie that Wales will be better off with BREXIT totally busted with this analysis. https://t.co/sGYUvmwYWc
Darlith diddorol ar Niclas y Glais yn y steddfod , dydd Gwener 10am. Pabell y Cymdeithasau https://t.co/5tZTeYsoVh
Gobeithio fydd pobl yn dod I ddathlu bywyd Rhodri Morgan yn y steddfod dydd Mawrth 3.30 pabell y Cymdeithasau https://t.co/35ljzF3OhP
We could see grid lock at our major Welsh Ports if BREXIT goes the wrong way. https://t.co/eQ7i4ouaMd
Loving the sun at the 160 th Fishguard Show today. https://t.co/w16CNqoY7l
Serious questions about the capacity and ability of our trade negotiators. https://t.co/6OaEzDjr7z
Extremely worrying breakdown of impact of BREXIT on each local authority in Wales. Not pretty. https://t.co/u6b3LJTrAP
This is a serious social issue which needs to be addressed. https://t.co/6mHHz3A0kj
RT @smh: Driverless bus trials to start in Sydney this month https://t.co/ZwHmicFMuj
Excellent meeting with CEO @Pembrokeshire to discuss how to implement Rural Plan for Wales. https://t.co/q43lrjbc7U
Talking economic development whilst respecting the environment whilst walking @PembsCoast with Tegryn Jones CEO. https://t.co/s6AkzODdKi
Gwrando ar siaradwraig gore Cymru @mereridhopwood yn trafod y Mabinogion yng ngwyl Abergwaun. https://t.co/djFybXFqIh