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Twitter bio: Labour peer Brexit denier ‘Farage of Centre’(Nick Cohen) ‘cave man’(Rees-Mogg) ‘twisted weasel’(Farage himself) Ex-Transport Secretary, Schools Minister. Author

Affiliation: Labour
Join Date: 16 May 2005
Don’t worry, this means May’s chances of negotiating a workable treaty are now approaching zero - so goodbye Brexit… https://t.co/eGfN1UK2sA
Trump caves to Putin. May caves to Rees-Mogg & Farage. We need @peoplesvote_uk to stop this slide into darkness
At Warwick uni to speak at launch of this year’s initiation event for new grads joining the outstanding… https://t.co/Ll5ehXCYO3
Justine Greening in today’s Times - death knell of Brexit https://t.co/xlud7LBjqP
RT @QUBelfast: The results are in! Last week we asked if you think the public should be allowed to vote on the final #Brexit deal. 88% of…
Venom with which Tory right turning on Govt is a joy to behold. Just done debate with top Tory blogger who said Mrs… https://t.co/vARt7Dwkci
About to go on @bbcradioulster to discuss Justine Greening’s call for @peoplesvote_uk to keep us in the EU. Polls s… https://t.co/HAevF6WkBe
So @eurostar compensate only for delays over an hour! Since the journey time is 2 hrs, that means their trains have… https://t.co/kPOn9my2lp
RT @railmaps: @Andrew_Adonis @Eurostar My train delayed 2 hours. Eurostar send me an email apologising and promise compensation ‘just ente…
Resignation no 8. Doesn’t matter you haven’t heard of him. Mrs May’s government is steadily disintegrating. It’s co… https://t.co/AQOsXmJh8v
If parliament votes for one, then the job of the executive is ... to execute. It’s called the British Constitution https://t.co/Zt6x7BSnoz
8.43 from Paris to London 20 mins late for no good reason. Where is the refund @eurostar?
While on subject of @eurostar, if they were doing their job properly, there would be a standard 2 hour journey time… https://t.co/ntOq2phC95
.@eurostar should give automatic passenger refunds for late running beyond a few minutes. Their fares are sky high,… https://t.co/1fNtXspCx6
The 8.43 Eurostar running 15 mins late, inexcusable for new trains on a ne w high-speed line. The Japanese run high… https://t.co/f4HDcIjBjI
The 8.14 Eurostar running 15 mins late, inexcusable for new trains on a ne w high-speed line. The Japanese run high… https://t.co/FbgJqJDxwK
Eurostar announced at Gare du Nord that the 8.43 to London was ‘full’ & no more tickets were for sale. Except it’s… https://t.co/pKkuGcGkvX