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Affiliation: Independent
Join Date: 3 Aug 1998
Bradford dinner with Journalist friends hosted by Qazi sahib
Fundraising for Rohingya in Rotherham
Here is a fantastic 3 minutes video of president Obama - lesson for Pakistani Politicians
Dr. S. Qaiser Anis (President Pakistan Business Professional Council Abu Dhabi), Dr Hadi Shahid (Founding Member), & Mr Sarmad have called on Lord Ahmed & MP Khalid Mahmood in Westminster. Sajid Bashir & Intern Tahrima Ch are also present.
Niharika Momtaz fashion designer from Dubai with friends
Fundraising for Rohingya refugees for Al Mustafa Welfare Trust in Rotherham
Al Mustafa Welfare Trust raised over £50,000 for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh
We are aware from Hilary Clinton’s admission that USA created the Taliban with the help of Muslim Nations but here is Rex Tillerson giving evidence about New Islamic books being introduced in Saudi Arabia agreed during Donald Trumps meeting in Riyadh (...
Ready to fly back tonight to London
Reached Doha and resting before Parliamentary delegation arrives for high level meetings in Qatar
Flight to Doha Qatar where I will have meetings about current crisis in the region
At a Masjid which was built in 627 by a Sahabi Abi Waqas(RA) in beautiful memory of Prophet Mohmammed PBUH..
Message In Chinese on the board at the back states: Welcome to Lord Ahmed and his friends. Second picture is from Noor Uddin's office where he facilitates import and export of daily goods from China to other parts of the world.
At the grave of Sahabi Abi Waqas buried in #Guangzhou, #SouthChina
Lord Nazir Ahmed added 2 new photos.
Ahmed has accepted Islam on my hands Alhamdulillah. He studied Quran, studied the prophet and made history with me...
My friend famous business man Jafar Raza and family on the terrace at the House of Lords
Lord Ahmed at wedding reception of Zubair Ijaz. Zubair is Nephew of Haji Iftikhar Mahmood (Owner of Nagina Restaurant).