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Twitter bio: Ex Leader of the Lib Dems (amongst other things), ex High Representative in Bosnia currently in the Lords, writing books and having fun with my grandchildren

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 10 Jul 2001
IMHO of the possible causes of Salisbury the most likely is Murder in the Cathedral; Henry II's knights hear him as… https://t.co/jM8E1mwsS3
It worries me greatly that we dash to round on someone, however misguided, who is cautious about deepening a crisis… https://t.co/eb3pgdanvQ
It worries me that everyone rounds on someone, however misguided, who is cautious about deepening a crisis rather t… https://t.co/9AICUrUzsc
Corbyn's admiration for Russia clouds his judgement But he's not wrong to insist we remain measured in our actions,… https://t.co/FSS9Iczl2a
The Skripal scandal. The most effective response is an international one. But Britain has chosen separation over so… https://t.co/mvMBCYOxXy
Remember President Trump's promise to give the UK a "GREAT TRADE DEAL" after leaving the EU? Now read this for the… https://t.co/fHKBRk1ufD
At last a speech from the PM which hits the right tone & acknowledges the difficulties and damage of Brexit. Two cr… https://t.co/TwZzWJNVTk
John Major: "To minimise divisions in our country... the Govt. should invite Parliament to (decide) the ...outcome… https://t.co/ZYXqfyick1
Read this https://t.co/5LSMnyVxPV. Don't like the term "open" and "closed", but this is the new political divide. S… https://t.co/8p6im5bVO5
Tough to say it but the UN is right & the BBC wrong. You can't control how aid gets through on a battlefield. In st… https://t.co/EwKQl640c8
RT @MoreUnitedUK: #Brexit is already impacting the #NHS. Why is no one talking about it?? Write to your MP now to demand a parliamentary de…
They need you support. Just as our country has depended on theirs for nearly 400 years https://t.co/VlFlhs5Lk3
How long before someone Clerihews my hat? Less than 2 hours I bet. 😀🎩🎩
Who’s for Clerihews? Prime Minister May In Cabinet today Said if Britain wrecks it’s Because of Brexit.
We need a Defence Secretary with a clear judgement and a cool head. Russia is a threat and we need more for Defence… https://t.co/4q3d9KoPmZ
Diversion alert! Need more on defence? Probably. But G Williamson has sent his Generals on manoeuvres for cash for… https://t.co/nymSCq1AkD
British Foreign Policy in the age of Trump. Speech in the Lords 18 January 2018. https://t.co/sdtXBufkyr
Help the world see more clearly. See this. Its important - and fun! https://t.co/3wqJbVtbII
It tears my heart out sideways to hear that Oliver Ivanovic has been assassinated in Kosovo. I knew him as a most b… https://t.co/TgLgwqVpHG