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Twitter bio: Ex Leader of the Lib Dems (amongst other things), ex High Representative in Bosnia currently in the Lords, writing books and having fun with my grandchildren

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 10 Jul 2001
As Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook has seen the forces at work in American politics more closely than most. I interviewed him last week (you can listen to our full conversation here) at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, ...
History lesson: It was an alliance between Protestant nationalists and right wing Tories that gave us N.Ireland. On… https://t.co/MCATGJqDD4
#GavinWilliamson British Defence Ministers should be measured, careful, judicious and thoughtful about what they sa… https://t.co/WIyhk0jl4n
Robby Mook was Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign manager, securing more votes than for any other candidate in presidential election history other than Barack Obama. I caught up with him at his new perch at Harvard University to talk about Russian interfe...
Jerusalem: for the first time in all the long years of the American century we now have in the White House a reckle… https://t.co/Oizun1baB8
If you live in or near Yeovil you will be as sad as I am to hear of the death of that remarkable, extraordinary gia… https://t.co/eyZZxvbYq0
Surely it cannot be too long before someone does us all a favour and puts this miserable, mangey, limping, broken-b… https://t.co/J78Ds6E7qL
Speech on China - Foreign Correspondents Club, Hong Kong 28 November https://t.co/Pv8MgRSKFJ…kong-28-nov-2017/
The murderer of Srebrenica has been brought to justice. Those who value the rule of law in war will welcome this. T… https://t.co/nLjId20HKa
Last week I wrote about how American voters – particularly the ones who supported Donald Trump last November – thought he was doing a year after they elected him to the White House. (You can hear them in their own words in the latest Ashcroft In Americ...
Voters are losing confidence that the government will be able to secure a good Brexit deal for Britain, according to my latest survey. The poll, conducted this week, also finds that most think the EU’s objective is to punish Britain and stop other coun...
This article was first published at TIME.com   “I think he’s doing good. I think he’s what we needed to shake things up in this country.” “The stock market’s liking it. He’s doing well for my 401K.” “He’s trying. Nothing’s going to happen overnight, bu...
A year on from Donald Trump’s election, the Ashcroft In America team returned to find out how real voters the President is doing so far.
Happy Birthday Royal Marines - NOT. See Daily Tel article: https://t.co/D11Y99P80f
The axis of Govt lies between No 10 and No 11. If that fractures it's usually the start of a wider break up. From this rift, elections come.
May's speech by The Ancient Mariner: Ah! Well a-day! What evil looks Had I from old and young! ....... the albatross About my neck was hung.