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Twitter bio: Ex Leader of the Lib Dems (amongst other things), ex High Representative in Bosnia currently in the Lords, writing books and having fun with my grandchildren

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 10 Jul 2001
A wonderful beauty is being born (sorry Yeats). Ireland is becoming an advanced modern EU state. The effect in NI s… https://t.co/CCjfHZRrZ1
PM May's "War Cabinet" - more properly the "At-War Cabinet" - meets AGAIN On Tue to see if they can agree on anythi… https://t.co/iQyu54p8Hv
Iran and N.Korea. Having fatally damaged an international nuclear ams control treaty with Iran which meant it, is M… https://t.co/wCkXveSVFT
Syria and N.Korea. Having fatally damaged a nuclear ams control treaty with Syria which meant it, is Mr Trump now a… https://t.co/lqIQ6fTn6p
Cabinet meet - no decision: when it comes to kicking the can down the street, not even Wayne Rooney can hold a candle to our Prime Minister.
Read the papers post Rudd and its clear that Mrs May has been pushed yet closer to the edge of the cliff. A bad Tor… https://t.co/gzpjmif15c
Windrush/Grenfell/Labour anti-semitism etc etc: How did Britain become so unkindly? We have to find a way to get ba… https://t.co/zEbLj4nGEU
This article was first published in India’s Sunday Guardian It’s been a bumpy few years for the pollsters. Surveys overestimated support for Angela Merkel’s party in last September’s German elections, having correctly identified Emmanuel Macron as the ...
Here are two Samarkand hast both totally uneaten. 😃😎🌟 https://t.co/R73VEPZeYq
This article was first published in The Times Of Malta Britain’s friendship with Malta is so long and so rich that it would be easy to take for granted. The award of the George Cross in 1942 by King George VI to bear witness to the nation’s “heroism an...
Since the subject is hats, here is the local one from Khiva - which I also haven't eaten...... Watch this space https://t.co/IpkdyGRDVQ
In Bokhara yesterday, I saw this hat. But - you will be glad to know - resisted the temptation to eat it. https://t.co/7fTiZKGKrr
Air strikes: Given this has been in the wind for so long the PM could and should have sought preliminary Parliament… https://t.co/rC3L8TWwNS
New centre Party? Nick Clegg spot on on BBC Today. This is not a time for the Centre to be tribal. If the modern mo… https://t.co/L6o7nwcm1i
After the last major chemical attack by Assad in Aug 2013 I described Parliament's decision not to use force as the… https://t.co/7NQIB3PRuv
This piece was initially published at TIME.com If in November 2020 we are looking back on how Donald J. Trump came to be re-elected as President of the United States, those undergoing a second round of horror and dismay will find themselves reflecting ...
Last December the voters of Alabama did something they had not done for twenty-seven years – they elected a Democrat to the U.S. Senate. The extraordinary result prompted some to wonder whether the political tide could be turning, even in the Republica...
Voters in Tennessee and Mississippi discuss Trump, Russia, North Korea, tariffs, flags, guns and Stormy Daniels, Memphis Congressman Steve Cohen predicts a ‘blue tsunami’ in November, and I interview Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant.