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Twitter bio: Labours Cricketing Chief Whip in the House of Lords & a member of Labours Shadow Cabinet. Ardent BHAFC supporter. Now Twitter Peer of the Year award winner.

Affiliation: Labour
Join Date: 3 Nov 1997
Berneray beaches wild and empty (apart from Lady B), beautiful in their eternal emptiness. https://t.co/6a2yFmdEyi
RT @cooljool80: So pleased the Camerons are ok in 2nd £1m home while 1/3rd of kids in UK in poverty as a result of benefit caps https://t.c…
RT @MSmithsonPB: Latest Opinium poll for the Observer has LAB 3% ahead LAB 43% (-) CON 40% (-1) LD 6% (+1)
RT @NHSMillion: If you don't believe us, or your doctors & nurses, please at least believe one of the most brilliant minds ever https://t.c…
RT @StrongerStabler: Stephen Hawking has accused Tories of damaging the NHS. He fears they are turning it into a US-style insurance system.…
RT @MarieAnnUK: President Schwarzenegger would have been awesome... he has class. https://t.co/XjFKmTCTWl
Soft landing on #Barra's beach airport. What an experience. Highly recommended. Loving the Western Isles. https://t.co/64p4Cx1Af5
RT @sivavaid: A friend and @UVA colleague is in the ICU. He had a stroke after being beaten by a Nazi with a torch on Friday. He was defend…
This #Tory Govt sits on its hands as yet another utility rips off its customers. Rail passengers pay the price for #privatised network.
Labour's Keir Starmer surely right to say Tory #BREXIT policy incoherent as Hammond humiliated by hard BREXIT fan Fox & weak PM May.
RT @paullewismoney: More than 400,000 Americans lost their lives to defeat this in World War 2. Now they're in Virginia. https://t.co/kIncQ…
With more than 50% of voters wanting current PM to go & Aaron Banks funding deselection of anti-BREXIT Ministers #Tories are in a mess
@LordRoyKennedy @surreycricket @SussexCCC @NatWestT20Blast Congrats. And Millwall got first Championship point yesterday.
RT @sarahlluast: @SteveTheQuip And for 70 mins we believed.! .... Very well played ☺️⚽
Today's the day #BHAFC finally make it to promised land of the premier league...Still pinching myself in disbelief. Yes we can beat ManCity
Brighton and Hove Albion: Seagulls fans get ready for top flight. Dot Purvis a legendary Seagull's fan. https://t.co/GDORIAUHql
RT @jeremycorbyn: After a year of @Theresa_May as Prime Minister, NHS figures show 2,550,755 people waited over 4 hours to be seen in A&E,…
RT @jeremycorbyn: Under @Theresa_May NHS figures show 280k people have been added to waiting lists, meaning over 4 million are currently wa…