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Twitter bio: Composer, Broadcaster (Presenter of Private Passions - BBC Radio 3)

Affiliation: Crossbench
Join Date: 26 Mar 2013
Private Passions with psychiatrist Sir Simon Wessely: Music and memory + Gulf war syndrome, Puccini and Dvorak! Noon @BBCRadio3
Missed Designer Hildegard Bechtler on last weeks Private Passions? Worth catching with, of course, music by Hildegard of Binger @BBCRadio3
Congrats to Kazuo Ishiguru - How I wish Deborah Rogers was here to see this.
Sitting in a restaurant opposite Mont Juic in Barcelona where Lennox B and B Britten collected folk tunes for their Suite, Mont Juic, 1936
RT @DPritchardm: BRAVO @natalieclein @juliusdrake & Fleur Barron for stunning 'Storm Song' @KingsPlace @Wintersonworld & fabulous piece by…
RT @KingsPlace: The brilliant Natalie Clein, Julius Drake & Fleur Barron mesmerised the audience tonight. #CelloUnwrapped https://t.co/g5Gi…
Irish poet Maurice Riordan on how time stands still, loops or speeds up. Irish music + Debussy, Barber, Monteverdi Priv Pass 12 @BBCRadio3
Lovely piece, Deborah - terrific concert from Julius and Natalie and really remarkable step in by Fleur Barron for… https://t.co/leCPAMIBdn
Playwright Stephen Poliakoff tells how his father witnessed the Russian Revolution + Mozart Bach Tippett Private Passions noon @BBCRadio3
Astronaut Chris Hadfield on playing Bowie in space, astronomer composer Herschel and. of course, Holst. Private Passions noon @BBCRadio3
Sebastian Barry on his writing, Irish history, Bach, Handel and relative Mary O'Hara. Priv Pass @BBCRadio3 noon. A fine writer and episode
Welsh poet/singer/songwriter Gwyneth Glyn wrote first Welsh language libretto + Tippett, Russian & Indian music. Priv Pass noon @BBCRadio3
One of my favourite painters, Michael Craig-Martin, and music he loves: Satie, Bach, ten Holt and OPERA! Priv Pass noon @BBCRadio
Looking forward to another happy musical get together this bank holiday weekend in beautiful Mid Wales https://t.co/0M8vbfvhlX
Jamaican born Charlie Phillips on photographing Notting Hill in the 50s and 60s & his obsession with opera. Private Passions @BBCRadio3
Get to grips with philanthropy & major arts donor, Viven Duffield. Strauss Alpine, Parsifal and Ravel Kaddisch.Priv Pass, noon @BBCRadio3
This was terrific - two Cuckoo impersonations for the price of one! https://t.co/gX2jUowkyz