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Twitter bio: Actor, Writer, ex MEP, NEC. Labour Peer. LGBT global envoy 2014-16. Freedom City of London. Stonewall co-founder. Paul Cottingham 1983-2014. Hon Doctorate, CBE.

Affiliation: Labour
Join Date: 23 Sep 2014
I fill my hours and ram the moments into some vestige of preoccupation, yet like a lost partner from the dance with… https://t.co/JGV4drWh6R
A crescent moon, a tide pulling to the coast and day shifts elsewhere. What before was unseen is now blazingly clea… https://t.co/h8DAbUP8NC
Congratulations. Well deserved. I absolutely adored @abovethestag production of Grindr the Opera. You are all stunn… https://t.co/bYJTPntHO0
Oh my pickled cabbage! You should get a spellchecker. This is how you spell hypocrisy. I’ve seen quite a few of you… https://t.co/WpikMtR2tC
Great result for France in the World Cup! Félicitations mes amis françaises - un bon résultats. Vive la France vive l’Union Européenne.
* and have you in on those conversations. I should stop using the dictation button on this phone! And my thumbs are… https://t.co/SXXJLt7QUZ
RT @DanNouveau: Marvellous to see you today @MCashmanCBE and great to hear some amazing conversations. I also enjoyed the cultural diversio…
Dan it was marvellous to see you in a happy win on those conversations. I have to say you take an amazing photograp… https://t.co/ATvoTt16fb
Trump has polluted so much in such a short space of time, it is up to us to stand firm against these attacks. The f… https://t.co/PypvFJ8BHk
Now Graham, I’ve known you a long time why are you telling me what I know? Direct it to the others. Corbyn does not… https://t.co/vsaLH2RHUQ
I wrestle my inner demon & indecisively migrate upstream. The Thames at Kew serenely disregards a promiscuous city… https://t.co/KU0n693ApA
RT @marklowen: After the third successive cancellation of #Istanbul #Pride, an outspoken letter of protest from Britain’s Labour Party LGBT…
Labour LGBT parliamentarians letter @LGBTLabour to Turkish Ambassador expressing our deep concerns. @KaosGLhttps://t.co/Za93Vwxn5h
We are so close to the 1930s with a lack of faith in political parties, the rise of maniacs or idiots with politica… https://t.co/jD2qPmua0t
I love the way she gestures to him like she’s dealing with a child. OMG she is dealing with a child. https://t.co/J7YOLla5ek
What has happened to the USA? Has @realDonaldTrump lobotomised the state department ? Scotland is a part of the Uni… https://t.co/rU9nbNhgMs
RT @echrso: In 2017, the brilliant @mcashmanCBE and Lord Lexden sought to ensure that *all* people previously convicted of "homosexual offe…
He really is a child. He is. Now I understand his toys out of the pram mentality. OMG I am worried. https://t.co/lOFZ2yMfFU
Well a fake represented in a fake news publication makes good sense. @realDonaldTrump @TheSun https://t.co/utNeAT8QiU