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Twitter bio: Actor,Writer,ex MEP, ex NEC, Labour Peer, Labour LGBT global envoy -2016. Freedom City of London. Stonewall co-founder. Paul Cottingham 1983-2014. Hon Doctorate

Affiliation: Labour
Join Date: 23 Sep 2014
RT @acgrayling: Our government suicidal. They are not acting in the interests of the country. They should be suspended, & rationality resto…
RT @mcashmanCBE: #stopMurdoch if we cherish democracy, & don't want Murdoch's morality debasing UK our politics, oppose him getting all Sky…
No. They have a narrative that’s hard to follow. It’s only about them. Whereas the EU narrative is about a collecti… https://t.co/dBiXumZ2KC
RT @fish_in_a_hat: Remember when we were a United Kingdom? Feel like we've lost control? Dizzy politicians? Things not going well? We need…
RT @ssha_info: STI warning as clinics close in London and self-testing is delayed #SexualHealthCuts @guardian https://t.co/6VAIuTV36z
We lead by example. And let us not be London obsessed there are other welcoming and open places outside of London a… https://t.co/hKgAF4HYnv
Respect your opinion. I would proudly state what generations of bigots have tried to stop me saying. I am gay. I wa… https://t.co/YIGsInZuV6
RT @mocent0: ‘Are you against NATO? Do you distrust Europeans freely moving? Do you dislike Israel? Call now to join Young Labour!’ https:/…
No. They know it’s only about what they want. That’s why it’s difficult for them to negotiate they have no concept… https://t.co/greScLo3xa
Why NOT! Equal paying citizens equal services. According to needs. Coffee. Wake up. Smell it. https://t.co/YI6yvMu1EF
Oh dear! The mother decided to accompany her child to school to explain things to the teacher. We are a patheticall… https://t.co/4WJjlONuW9
Transparency: will @Nigel_Farage & @DanielJHannan publish how much they’ve received in subsidy during the years in… https://t.co/4bQzJnxlmg
And the @southbankcentre run by the brilliant, inclusive, empowering others, the one, the only @JudeKellySBC. Love… https://t.co/ixiYbQJH4R
I think it’s wonderful. Are you gay, lesbian trans, bi? Same as are you heterosexual. Equality embraces everything.… https://t.co/nUknzgIZ4v
And the point of that trip is what precisely? Same as Lancaster house speech, Florence? Stay away. It’s bad enough. https://t.co/zkAK9GBcsH
It’s actually more personal. It’s about the choices we too would like to have. If we have to have them. Choosing fo… https://t.co/U2FMg3w0AG
That headline is despicably misleading, especially if you read the article. The BBC should be ashamed of itself. St… https://t.co/bg8wIf7SOi
Brexiters fail to understand we oppose Brexit not seeking popularity but by doing the right thing for our country &… https://t.co/XtkLP2KmWJ