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Twitter bio: Actor,Writer,ex MEP, ex NEC, Labour Peer, Labour LGBT global envoy -2016. Freedom City of London. Stonewall co-founder. Paul Cottingham 1983-2014. Hon Doctorate

Affiliation: Labour
Join Date: 23 Sep 2014
RT @spurscad: @nickbriggs19 @mcashmanCBE @LaurenceBarrett Who cares about these labels. Blair & Brown took practical steps to help the vuln…
Evidently it's fake news! But given Mrs May's comments and the ranting Daily Mail and Murdoch Sun it could be real! https://t.co/1KTW5qIh1n
RT @nickbriggs19: @LaurenceBarrett @mcashmanCBE Blair's values were not neo liberal. He believed in gov role to fight poverty (Sure Start e…
And in every joke there is truth. Witness the intervention on this issue. https://t.co/aGHNUPJGw6
RT @campbellclaret: Hardly a grenade when the answer is so evidently yes. Shame your hero can't fight for it! https://t.co/GD5W9GH54A
Grenade? The boy should go in to the theatre! https://t.co/B1CWuO3zne
I'm sorry if that's their priority then they're deluded misguided or in need of a different job. Brexit destroying… https://t.co/2K8R2fHiWb
RT @KickedbyKellard: @mcashmanCBE @proud48percent As I've said before, you didn't have to be daft to #Voteleave but it certainly seems to h…
RT @DrJohnChisholm: Cogent but wrong. There isn't a 'best Brexit'. Parties don't stop campaigning for change when an election is lost. http…
Lost nothing. Gained so much and more to come. 13 years in government and we changed this country for the better. G… https://t.co/dmSSCgnmoX
RT @ukblm: 400 dead. Hundreds missing. Where is the world's outcry for Sierra Leone's mudslide victims? https://t.co/z7Z9naLCVr
RT @RedTRaccoon: The nation should be proud of Boston 40,000 people faced hatred without incident Both sides doesn't seem to fit here Th…
RT @annaturley: When almost 1in3 Jewish people are thinking about leaving the country we still haven't dealt with this to our shame: https:…