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Twitter bio: Actor, Writer, ex MEP, NEC. Labour Peer. LGBT global envoy 2014-16. Freedom City of London. Stonewall co-founder. Paul Cottingham 1983-2014. Hon Doctorate, CBE.

Affiliation: Labour
Join Date: 23 Sep 2014
RT @ThatTimWalker: The wrong man in the wrong job at the wrong time: Corbyn is letting not just Labour but the country down, badly. https:/…
Some of these people are so obsessed with definitions of centre, right & left that the continent of Europe & it’s g… https://t.co/rXuYAQh00J
Thank you Debby and the entire team @JoeAllenWC2 for another long perfect evening. X
Thank you Debby and sll@the brilliant team at @JoeAllenWC2 for another perfect night.
I adore you Linda. @raindovemodel you know how to tango! As you said Linda, Paul would have loved it. He gave me… https://t.co/fs6mjYAeM8
RT @jonboy79: “Bring the bit that you’re good at, and stand with us to change the world” - @ruth_hunt on the founding principle of solidari…
Great to see you. Congrats on brilliantly successful fundraising dinner @stonewalluk Great speeches. Moving and eng… https://t.co/S2O1jPlPy9
Wonderful meeting with LGBT activists from the Western Balkans and Turkey. So proud of the work they are doing.… https://t.co/kmBPbAxfWa
We must always remember that when excellence departs the vacuum is often filled by what quickly floats to the top.… https://t.co/x49aJKGzzv
A shameful example of a Government without leadership, making it up as it goes along, and surrendering the future o… https://t.co/i4qAfmKrrr
I was there when he said it. None of the Brexit mob who allegedly believe in the sovereignty of Parliament challen… https://t.co/ksvGnDwpNc
Poor love. The wee thing is aping the Boris Johnson school of politics. When in doubt and it’s of extreme importanc… https://t.co/vK8FQmfKlD
@RichardNewby3 But I love working with you on so many issues.
It’s not a government. It’s a circus: Boris Johnson will dangle on a wire. Phillip Hammond will shoot out of a cano… https://t.co/b19fo5vLtu
RT @grahambsi: If you thought the anti Brexit protests were big last summer just wait till the London protest on 23rd June! Time to get org…
I think Richard because there is the absence of any leadership in that party and Rees Mogg is arrogant enough to me… https://t.co/FD8RELjx9Y
It is a pathetic line from anyone serious about resolving a dangerous situation and not the language expected in a… https://t.co/iWQoDEfDoJ
RT @ChukaUmunna: Have read the comments of the Leader of the Opposition’s spokesperson. Mr Milne’s comments do not represent the views of t…
Richard I get the distinct impression that JR-M speaks to himself and probably 2 jobs Daniel Hannan. In any event i… https://t.co/581MGrOakk