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Twitter bio: Actor, Writer, ex MEP, NEC. Labour Peer. LGBT global envoy 2014-16. Freedom City of London. Stonewall co-founder. Paul Cottingham 1983-2014. Hon Doctorate, CBE.

Affiliation: Labour
Join Date: 23 Sep 2014
Congratulations Sue. We are all lucky to have you. X https://t.co/oLSbthw92i
At @UKHouseofLords questions I urged govt to work with @stonewalluk @Kaleidoscope_T but stressed importance of indi… https://t.co/K45Kb8LWuT
In my urgent & steadfast support of Speaker John Bercow I retweeted from my friend Lord Adonis. I want to make it a… https://t.co/E4rLwc04Qk
It could happen here too. There is no single progressive line on human rights and equalities. They rest upon tired… https://t.co/lg02D24Bzw
But Eddie Izzard will be brilliant in representing members. Brilliant. https://t.co/QDZiPEe7xx
The United States of America deserve better than this man who has taken residence as the President of the United St… https://t.co/hdHyGLAz5v
That says so much about the utter sterility of the Mail. It also says so much about the person who wrote it. I’m wi… https://t.co/wjES0Rl8Zu
Wrestle with grief not as a combatant but as a lover. Pull it close & try to understand, listen, question, & embrac… https://t.co/KearzywouX
And particularly @royalmarsdenNHS where you made our lives hopeful his dreams viable and his death a natural and so… https://t.co/8jSug2WJHa
I just want to take this moment to reflect on all those brilliant women and men who work in our national health ser… https://t.co/UtnV1p4iyM
Officers and Gen Sec in discussions with staff formulate agenda. Regular fixed items of committee reports etc. NEC… https://t.co/0BGH4JGMm6
Applying the rules as agreed by the Annual Conference. There is room for manoeuvre but if it’s not on the agenda th… https://t.co/TcL1tPCsk6
It doesn’t work like that. You speak to the agenda. Points can be made but it’s not a forum for discussion other th… https://t.co/KwejlUQpqv
RT @Remain_Labour: If you are a @YoungLabourUK member who wants our party to stand against #Brexit and stand up for a #PeoplesVote - come a…
It makes no sense and flies in the face of reality. https://t.co/pofoVWQA6T
OMG all this internal fighting because the hard left hate not getting their own way. It’s a waste of energy and sym… https://t.co/FPS0keUAzs
I love your book! And use it all the time and I have recommended it to my dear friend @IanMcKellen - in fact I boug… https://t.co/Z3xdbYOqbg
I will. I was going to invite you on my walk today. 😘 https://t.co/i04j417r4v