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Twitter bio: Climate Change champion. Former Minister Agriculture & Secretary of State for Environment. Chairman Climate Change Committee. British subject, European citizen.

Affiliation: Conservative
Join Date: 21 Jun 2010
RT @hugorifkind: Am feeling a new wave of fondness for the EU as Nigel Farage complains that Brussels is full of people who hate him and th…
RT @davidschneider: “Brexit will allow us to clean up our air” says government being taken to court by EU because of failure to tackle air…
It's not a threat to be bad mouthed by Mr Bridgen. He doesn't realise just how unpleasant it makes him look. https://t.co/HHyliNUFWu
RT @Femi_Sorry: For me, the economic Brexit debate isn't about ultimately being seen as "in the Right". That happens either way. Either Bre…
So Mr Hannan thinks the Reach directive is oppressive. It simply ensures we know that the chemicals companies use a… https://t.co/5WlkR4M13i
Given Governor of Bank of England's assessment of loss to the economy because of Brexit, all these good things will… https://t.co/qe1xeGy1yN
RT @guardian: Brexit vote has cost each UK household £900, says Mark Carney https://t.co/mhenXIK4oI
RT @Independent: Brexit has already hit UK GDP by up to £40bn, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney says https://t.co/rsELIkhRl5 https://t.…
Dr Fox should explain that EU/US Free Trade Deal proved impossible because US would not accept decent health, welfa… https://t.co/lpFqAwsnjF
RT @PaulPolman: For too long biz has prospered at the expense of society & nature. We must learn how to be successful while building trust…
A boy at school called Double was christened Ian Charles - I.C.Double. My father refused to baptise Mr and Mrs Leak… https://t.co/QETI8psEAD
Remember when the deniers said renewables wouldn't work, couldn't keep the lights on, and were an impossible fairy… https://t.co/3s7WwGR17F
They are all for their own protection but would deny it to the rest of us. https://t.co/4A7SfEyBdp
RT @theresecoffey: Great news that Guernsey has not agreed to assisted suicide /euthanasia https://t.co/V6mnmpdeOz
True of only a minority. It's the determination to turn a serious reflection into a predetermined knee-jerk politic… https://t.co/kFCVOqhypa
I represented the EU in agricultural trade talks with US. The power of the lobbyists meant that the US was utterly… https://t.co/4TrvxxSTvW
RT @davidyelland: Haven’t felt proud to be British much recently. Do now. What an antidote to Brexit, hate and isolation yesterday was. htt…
There's also the unspoken fact that we don't have a general obesity problem, it's a socio-economic issue, fundament… https://t.co/JARvtAbbXQ
RT @tonyposnanski: The problem is guns... Other countries have mental illness Other countries have video games Other countries have violen…