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Twitter bio: Climate Change champion. Former Minister Agriculture & Secretary of State for Environment. Chairman Climate Change Committee. British subject, European citizen.

Affiliation: Conservative
Join Date: 21 Jun 2010
RT @RCorbettMEP: ⚡️ “Poll finds public support for Brexit has hit a new low” https://t.co/5VcEq4lDQr
Mess we are in is entirely fault of Leavers who lied to British people and now seek to undermine negotiations by an… https://t.co/Nc1eOfKk5T
It's amazing that dogmatic Brexiteers refuse to admit they lied to British people & now continue to obstruct any se… https://t.co/MyavEteHLW
RT @SebDance: A no deal would mean huge increases in food prices, mass delays at customs, end of right to travel in Europe & £ collapse. It…
RT @ThatEricAlper: Gas station worker takes the only step after customer refused to put out his cigarette https://t.co/31JyzJTYn1
Why should increasing your independence by joining your neighbours to do what you can't do alone, bother anyone at… https://t.co/gcJpwmAIYu
Could we please make sure that this speaker advertises the benefits of Brexit as widely as possible. https://t.co/WBsTfJgwET
RT @grahambsi: Goodbye City of London. Just to remind everyone, the City accounts for more than 10% of the UK economy. @FT #Brexit https://…
RT @thinkprogress: United States rejects UN resolution condemning use of death penalty to target LGBTQ people https://t.co/CWem3Jwk3N https…
RT @f_grovewhite: Not clear if Leadsom is advocating staying in EU & completing the Single Mkt, or actually has no idea what's going on htt…
RT @Kevin_Maguire: Believe the Financial Times or a Boris Johnson sacked twice for lying, once as a Times trainee reporter? I'll go with th…
RT @Mcr4EU: We won’t go quietly. We will not ‘get over it’. We can’t ignore the rise of the right. We will never idly watch as UK is destro…
RT @13sarahmurphy: 'I am Remain.' @Bonn1eGreer talks so passionately. 'Fight for the high ideal of Europe.' and for all our identities. #St
RT @LeoHickman: Letter in Sunday Times by @MichaelGrubb9 in response to Rod Liddle's column last week https://t.co/bRiutGYXMT
On what possible basis was this person invited to a place of learning where civilised virtues, toleration, & fact b… https://t.co/lbs60bz4Ma
We don't even know where the house will be situated or with which neighbours we'll be allowed to speak. Location Lo… https://t.co/cQRW3vkmDu
There are some older people who are doing the opposite! https://t.co/37L40xtpkB
Note the diversity of these lobbyists! Their selflessness; their difficult lives; their closeness to the poor; thei… https://t.co/kDrtTAovLc