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Twitter bio: Climate Change champion. Former Minister Agriculture & Secretary of State for Environment. Chairman Climate Change Committee. British subject, European citizen.

Affiliation: Conservative
Join Date: 21 Jun 2010
RT @nickreeves9876: The Daily Mail whipping up hate against Jewish refugees in the 1930s and against migrants now. #StopBrexitHour #Brexit
Silencing of Big Ben while repairs are made is sensible, reasonable, & entirely acceptable. What possesses these people to make it an issue?
The whole purpose of Breitbart is to disseminate propaganda as if it were news. Truth will out but Bannon will do n… https://t.co/yWfhZY720Q
But he'll still be there, spouting half truths and full lies in support of Trump through Breitbart. https://t.co/kHlgvZpA1x
Trump, like Brexit, has given permission for public airing of far-right views which once would rightly have been sp… https://t.co/JROgvzB2ar
I thought Katie Hopkins had retired in self-disgust. https://t.co/EyWqoMWWVz
RT @TheLeadCNN: .@jaketapper: In the face of a horrific terror attack, President Trump told the world to study a story that’s not true, a l…
RT @cliodiaspora: And so the Telegraph sinks ever lower: headline complete lie. Britain is having to address mess that is Brexit--entirely…
RT @CloughOlive: . "Younger politicians in UK need to understand that 'the peace process was hard won & we cannot throw it away'" . https:/…
RT @ledredman: So in summary #Brexit will consume the entire efforts of govt and civil service for 5 years, cost hundreds of billions and d…
Paul Weston is an unpleasant white supremacist whose interpretation of British culture is historically wrong and re… https://t.co/TyxNaW2vjA
RT @mrjammyjamjar3: Please RT this to make racist @TRobinsonNewEra's head fall off! A Pakistani Muslim is in charge of training British Ar…
Has he read Sun newspaper on Pakistani British? https://t.co/vXfVpKQPTN
My week on Twitter 🎉: 16 New Followers, 42 Mentions, 98.5K Mention Reach, 21 Favorited, 3 Replies. See yours with https://t.co/IZFmsvooBy
RT @BusinessGreen: EU and Switzerland make breakthrough on emissions trading linkup https://t.co/unEJvYCEZg