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Twitter bio: AC Dwyfor Meirionnydd AM yn cefnogi hunan-benderfynnu yn Catalunya supporting Catalan self-determination #CatalanReferendum

Affiliation: Independent
Join Date: 18 Sep 1992
RT @EUintheUS: .@pierremoscovici at @georgetownsfs: "We want the euro to meet its full potential socially & economically. " https://t.co/H…
RT @IslamicTongue: “Try not to feel jealous about things, or people or places. It’s toxic. Just keep praying. You will find your happiness.”
RT @elnacionalcat_e: Más de una cincuentena de ayuntamientos catalanes abren sus puertas https://t.co/htWWVB87Id
RT @nickreeves9876: By stating that it doesn't want to revoke Article 50 Notification, the govt is admitting that it can be revoked. #StopB
RT @theSNP: It’s clear the Tories have failed to prepare for Brexit talks. That could mean a ‘no deal’ Brexit. Here's the facts. https://t.…
RT @DavidHughesYDH: Gem gyntaf Bl 7 heddiw yn gem agos - Caergybi 2 YDH 1. Kane Roberts yn sgorio. Close first match for Yr 7. Holyhead 2 Y…
RT @thom_brooks: “Thanks for your 55p per minute. Now hold the line so I can help pay for the £1bn+ promised to DUP to prop up my weak & wo…
RT @LoriShemek: Asparagus is full of anti-inflammatory compounds & antioxidants, both of which make it great for preventing disease & optim…
RT @EnjoyAsparagus: This looks so delicious. We love the addition of toasted almonds! https://t.co/KhStGFAhS7
RT @johnbiglottery: Inspired by the @renewwales conference. And awards. Amazing community activists tackling climate change #renew2017
RT @IrishTimesWorld: Fatah deal leaves future of Hamas military wing unresolved https://t.co/LpPcDevg9D
RT @BBCNewsPR: Here's Jane #Fonda talking to @stephensackur for @BBCHARDtalk 20th anniversary special: see/hear Mon 16 on #BBCWorldNews @bb