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Twitter bio: Times columnist, Conservative member of the House of Lords and father of three. (Likes may not mean I actually like your tweet. I may just be saving it.)

Affiliation: Conservative
Join Date: 11 Sep 2013
Truly amazing and depressing but also absolutely hilarious. https://t.co/EHdMCyMttt
RT @Nye_Rick: The end of an era. Larry Mone deserves all the plaudits that are coming his way. https://t.co/NHn5DmUUvx
RT @stavsherez: Cardinal Richelieu anticipates Twitter: "If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will…
The how, what and why of fraud....a review of Dan Davies’s entertaining and insightful new book. https://t.co/JJKn1YGUvS
RT @ADHD_InspKaj: Absolutely thrilled to be invited by @ADHDAction and @MichelleBeckett to become a part of the Advisory Group for ADHD. Th…
RT @RobFrancis82: If you’ve enjoyed: World Cup 2018 You might also like: Football League Two 2018/19
RT @K_Niemietz: Yeah. Imagine a public service broadcaster employing a presenter who's ludicrously partisan. https://t.co/F9LhCdkMKH
RT @DPJHodges: Last month Jacob Rees-Mogg castigated Tory Remain MPs, saying it was a constitutional outrage for them to try to dictate the…
Sharing this view I thought I would provide a link to this, the lead article on Novara’s site.… https://t.co/6abX7kwgGU
All this optimism and confidence about tonight does make me wonder how carefully we have all been listening to the words of #itscominghome
Following the branches of David Davis’s decision tree https://t.co/40f89tscWt
RT @piersmorgan: I think @GabbyLogan is a top class interviewer. Really enjoyed that chat with Gareth Southgate - perfect mix of knowledgab…
RT @AdamBienkov: Boris Johnson says staying in the single market would be “ludicrous” and turn Britain into a “colony”. Here’s what he said…
I think the assertion that no one has ever met Philip Cross will turn out to be incorrect. Just a hunch. https://t.co/ePsG67b5mJ