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Twitter bio: Chair of Age Scotland, peer and avid Hearts Supporter!

Affiliation: Labour
Join Date: 16 Jun 2005
RT @HenryCPorter: Leave Director admitted the Brexit referendum was won by lying to the public. https://t.co/JvjGPNAEMg
Already fatally delayed. We await discussions, agreements, Bills, Orders, Parliamentary approvals in 27 countries &… https://t.co/GxNz9oQg4j
A new party would be a disastrous diversion. People in all parties and none who oppose Brexit need to work together… https://t.co/oeaZDinFCF
I want to interview him about BBC salaries but he seems reluctant! https://t.co/CpTgxjU3GI
EU admired and envied in other parts of the world! https://t.co/g02advh1ss
RT @CockertonMark: Daily Express - trying to make us angry that 2.37 million people are doing vital work, paying taxes and improving our ec…
Every argument supporting Scotland staying within the UK applies to the UK staying within EU. @NicolaSturgeon & Theresa May please note.
RT @NewsOnScotland: Jimmy Calderwood determined to fight Alzheimer's disease head-on: "I'm not really a person who is scar... https://t.co/…
RT @Cat_Headley: Amazing @EdinburghUni Regions & Nations event with Labour legends Gordon Brown,@johnprescott, @jackiebmsp @Margaret_Curran
I have apple & give to you & you have apple & give to me we still each have 1 apple. If we each have idea & share we then each have 2 ideas
RT @ChrisRDavison: @GeorgeFoulkes I was proving you were there! That was when we were campaigning at Corstorphine Fair for Remain and the S…