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Twitter bio: Chair of Age Scotland, peer and avid Hearts Supporter!

Affiliation: Labour
Join Date: 16 Jun 2005
RT @Keir_Starmer: Some people obviously missed this from weeks ago. It’s pretty straightforward. https://t.co/WCEGkOyHyg
RT @remain_central: If @Keir_Starmer’s six tests mean anything, he must oppose Brexit. Brexit is shaping up to be the biggest con job sinc…
RT @Haggis_UK: Just imagine the outrage from the Tories and the Tory press if Jeremy Corbyn was making money by "second degree" on Russian…
RT @peoplesvote_uk: After YouGov research today shows that up to 1m Labour voters who previously backed Brexit are having second thoughts,…
RT @mclaughlan57: @GeorgeFoulkes @AndrewWilson Well, this is a 1st. Im agreeing with George Foulkes😳
Peter Hitchens spot on here! Speaker Wetherill - another good Speaker- allowed me (almost) to get away with calling… https://t.co/32rVO26S69
Warm thanks to my good friend @AndrewWilson for producing such a fair and balanced report which will, thankfully, d… https://t.co/9i6Ncp6HZp
RT @Reasons2Remain: Losing the right to live, work, study or retire across our continent will be a HUGE LOSS. But it’s not too late to #Sto
Wise move by the Electoral Commission @UKLabour should consider preparing to adopt candidates There are now many o… https://t.co/VZvZXd3Hoi
Jacob Rees-Mogg buys a house closer to Parliament than Downing Street https://t.co/cB97c1r6ck via @MailOnline If Tr… https://t.co/LArm2nlU00
Rees-Mogg's firm has poured a fortune into Russian companies https://t.co/W8VtLxequM via @MailOnline Even the Mail… https://t.co/5X6kTg6Gmm
On TGV Paris-Bordeaux 590 km in 2 hours on state owned railway Take note Chris Grayling!
RT @Suewilson91: Why are some campaigners nervous about saying that a #PeoplesVote must include an option to Remain? If Leavers would have…
RT @RCorbettMEP: One million #Labour voters who backed #Brexit two years ago are having second thoughts: https://t.co/Pt3FTMvWI0 via @pr