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Twitter bio: Lord Goddard of Stockport wandering the Palace of Westminster for a living, Lib Dem & Manchester City fan. first game 24/8/66

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 15 Sep 2014
Labour trying to save there skins in Stockport in May. Totally unacceptable our Green Belt needs saving now. Open l… https://t.co/dv9cd2K6Q2
Proper thunder and lightning tonight pouring down. Apparently burglars don't like wet weather so that's a positive… https://t.co/seA2aH3tEF
brilliant track Foo Fighters the best rock video for many a year, and the thunder and lightning comes to Stockport https://t.co/k4XkrZW4PG
Off course they will, we should offer £80m for Sanchez and get on with it. https://t.co/fWQagCR1P8
RT @kevfitz21: It's no coincidence it's the month AFTER the local elections. I understand council leaders were concerned they'd lose seat i…
Wheelchair-bound Silent Witness star, Liz Carr, is stabbed in the head https://t.co/dU8i42vmHj via @MailOnline
RT @Vernon_Coaker: I am deeply saddened by this news - Bernard Kenny was a true hero. My thoughts are with his family. https://t.co/Enmoanl…
Which charity shop, I won't tell anyone promise 😇😇😜 https://t.co/FuYMRSq0lM
I suppose it's something to look forward to. Sigh... https://t.co/ncFrX5qweb
Even the end credits, all premier teams shown I goal each all four goals for the 6th placed champions, shame on you Match of the Day.
Not at all Russ, a quarter of an hour on one game, do me a favour https://t.co/UgSgMAnBYT
Alan Shearer, 1 Premier League title in his whole career, moaning Spurs players don't deserve a pay rise because they have not won anything
And it goes on and on second season winning the league, might as well all pack it in. Change the 9 draws and League won !!!
Jesus Christ what time does Man Utd Match of the Day finish, goals showed 10 times analysis of every player, playing West Ham for gods sake
I hate it when I can't buy a Monday paper..... https://t.co/vVgKIosFaj
Pie and a pint Match of the Day, here we go again another roller coaster season @mcfc https://t.co/Zc2Q8TPzCU
Completely miss the point dodging buying a ticket, how much it was is irrelevant. Off to London in Sept for free wh… https://t.co/0Lk0Ktwwfp