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Twitter bio: Lord Goddard of Stockport wandering the Palace of Westminster for a living, Lib Dem & Manchester City fan. first game 24/8/66

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 15 Sep 2014
Your right Paul the press hate us but we don’t care https://t.co/YvaI02sZGg
A picture of the Glum Family made my night @bbcstrictly #Strictly #Strictlyspoiler The peoples Champion Joe yesssss… https://t.co/ECWdrLjwMf
And the winner is @bbcstrictly is Joe that’s it the people win. stuff the judges ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
RT @TrevorGoddard5: @davegoddardsk2 Still have the Centenary final city pullover, one of my birthday gifts. I too have never forgiven them,…
Paul, with you there mate, took my younger brother to both games, he was 18 on the day of the replay, spoiled every… https://t.co/KYgokaVOzv
I was there Kevin what a game that was proper football but this it different this is special https://t.co/Ab0cjf5Lge
He’s fine it’s a family matter that’s made him miss tonight, and what a game without him @mcfc https://t.co/sIX3y2XUHH
Alexandra Burke in a West end Musical directed by Craig no less it’s unbelievable it really is... https://t.co/3VooU4atvV
And the tears flow and the sob stories flow and the nonsense flows. Now please all vote for the only actual dancer… https://t.co/SzImUVbrQP
RT @UnitedOddsocks: We're so excited that our super sister brand Cockney Spaniel has been shortlisted for Gift of the Year! #oddlydifferent
That’s nothing I saw Baroness Tani Grey Thompson DBE refused acces to a train before the barriers were closed beca… https://t.co/35iGz70Eq1
They were practicing for the 11.25 today to London, cancelled. 11.43, 20 minutes late in reverse in a freezing Stoc… https://t.co/jMYp8FmaaK
Come on Cheesey more texts some of us are trapped on a Virgin train trying to get home @IanCheeseman https://t.co/f7QBnPYUlZ
RT @Morris__Bright: My wife refuses to believe anyone else sits down studiously with the festive fortnight @RadioTimes and uses highlighter…
Just onto Stockport Station to London, bought a paper from the shop and lady said to the manager we have run out of… https://t.co/2UogcKwTsW
RT @Church_of_MCFC: Juventus vs Spurs Basel vs Man City 🙌🏼🙌🏼
Morning John, the tie and scarf on today for London, by the way is parody near Salford ? https://t.co/7OPKSznX9f
City 2 Man Utd 1 no words are needed lads @woyonp @FrannyLee7 @Joanne_Lake @Paul_Lake utterly brilliant day. We lov… https://t.co/JrDb4v9utL