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Twitter bio: Former UK Foreign Secretary, Leader of the House of Commons and MP for Richmond (Yorks) 1989-2015. Co-Founder of the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative

Affiliation: Conservative
Join Date: 9 Oct 2015
'World leaders asked for months how we would get around Brexit. Chancellor's transition plan can keep it on track' https://t.co/sBH4bKXKu3
'Hosting Donald Trump has done France proud. Britain should take note' My latest article @Telegraph https://t.co/Pijx1p9boC
'If rebel Tory MPs rock the boat too hard, they will drown themselves.' My latest article @Telegraph https://t.co/mq1jC8kYr6
Copycat Corbynism isn't the way to heal the generational divide. The Tories can do better than imitate the left. https://t.co/C4261elvCT
'Britain can prosper outside the EU - but self-belief does not involve being blind to our own faults' @Telegraph https://t.co/PPw8lJqSgM
No truth in today's reports that I have been approached by No 10 to return to government and no plans to do so.
Having a week away from column but recommend @QariAsim's article on the latest appalling terrorist attack. https://t.co/YYlxpsXaKn
All our thoughts with the young people of Manchester, and the families of those so senselessly killed and injured.
'May strikes a balance amid Leftist nonsense and muddled Lib Dems' @Telegraph https://t.co/ikLWscoQiQ
'Le Pen will win in the end unless Macron and EU solve the coming migration crisis.' latest article @Telegraph https://t.co/RPXt2Wgzd0
'Terrorism is not the only ill that social media titans must fight' my latest article @Telegraph https://t.co/GlebGKxrS5
Great to honour the Champions of Change at the Rotary awards tonight. #RotaryCofC @Rotary
Fascinating conversation with @BillGates and @RuthDavidsonMSP on the need for UKaid and foreign aid. #GatesatRUSI
'North Korea offers Donald Trump a chance to prove he is the ultimate deal maker' @Telegraph https://t.co/X9340vYMlT
'If Britain and Brussels misread each other it will reduce chances of a deal that helps both sides.' https://t.co/P3xXcFrTAN @Telegraph
All our thoughts with innocent people killed today. We must never give into murderers.
'Britain's heroic spies deserve better than the White House's smears.' My latest @Telegraph https://t.co/cp2cf7NpDb