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Twitter bio: Labour peer and campaigner, author Back to the Future of Socialism (Policy Press 2015)

Affiliation: Labour
Join Date: 22 Oct 2015
RT @DanielaLecle: Thank you so much @PeterHain for sharing your insider perspective on negotiation skills with us today @UniSouthWales #MSc
Thank YOU Amira good to see you again @Bela_arora and for others interested Ad & Wal: values duty sacrifice in apar… https://t.co/cxgDeug3uJ
Another reason why @HoganLovells @HoganLovellsSA should apologise for whitewashing report on SARS corruption… https://t.co/XGcBqRPllR
RT @Bela_arora: My Msc Global Governance students @UniSouthWales had an excellent masterclass today on negotiation skills courtesy of @Pete
RT @dailymaverick: Scorpio: The Moyane Dossier, Part 1 – How SARS boss disregarded the law to pay Guptas’ VAT refund | By PAULI VAN WYK @P…
My @LabourLordsUK speech why Northern Ireland/UK must be in #customsunion #SingleMarket to ensure Irish border stil… https://t.co/iajYdRIrJl
RT @Bela_arora: Tomorrow my #MscGlobalGovernance students have a masterclass with @PeterHain on the art of negotiation @UniSouthWales . Tha…
RT @ProgressOnline: The #SpringStatement was clear: our economy is still in the stranglehold of austerity, writes @PeterHain https://t.co/T…
Terrible news Brenda was a giant of the Trade Union Movement and @UKLabour will be sorely missed like Rodney Bicker… https://t.co/fmcmtL4lo0
More troubling questions for @HoganLovells @HoganLovellsSA who should now own up to whitewashing corruption in SARS… https://t.co/N547t5MLLt
Normalisation of relationships and a symbolic advance from its point of view Main winner was Gibraltar https://t.co/kIxMgs3Dlk
British citizenship & way of life remained entrenched in the 2002 Agreement so did sole British control of military… https://t.co/DOvL9wT8eK
Osborne celebrated too soon. The target he set in 2010 was for a cyclically adjusted current budget surplus by 201… https://t.co/ZMuqFR5Mtd
Exactly and certainly not ‘giving Gibraltar away to Spain’ I don’t mind political attacks or disagreements but obje… https://t.co/AyuUM4cAIW
No end to austerity @PhilipHammondUK claimed to have relaxed budget rules since 2016 autumn statement and raised sp… https://t.co/I0iUc5J597
Chancellor @PhilipHammondUK spring Statement Still blight at end of the tunnel. OBR figures show UK growth rate low… https://t.co/qQOzv7WelY