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Twitter bio: Philip Hunt is Labour's spokesperson on the NHS, Higher Education and Cabinet Office in the Lords.

Affiliation: Labour
Join Date: 20 Oct 1997
RT @OwenSmith_MP: New polling data suggests people may be starting to think Brexit was a mistake. https://t.co/c4TuldDmpc
RT @timeshighered: .@LordPhilofBrum on how to ensure the higher education sector retains its competitive edge post-Brexit https://t.co/0Ply…
RT @LabourLordsUK: #LordsQs @Lord_Collins reminds @foreignoffice Ahmad that UK has signed up to international policy to increase tax revenu…
RT @LabourLordsUK: #LordsQs Richard Faulkner asks @foreignoffice Ahmad how Govt supporting #BritishAmericanTobacco sits w/ policy on smoke-…
But the non-aligned cross bench peers are generally the least active. Lots of the political appointments have huge… https://t.co/jgVH1NaPNB
RT @EL4JC: George Osborne finally admits that the "Labour crashed the economy" lie is well.... a lie. https://t.co/jpYf5R80pw
RT @HuffPostUKPol: Britain’s poorest families will be up to £500 a year worse off from a ‘hard’ Brexit https://t.co/8WrzisaXfl @paulwaugh's…
You would need Govern,ment to sign up to that. I rather doubt they will! https://t.co/QAvtwTkRNn
Chances of this happening is zilch. Commons simply won't vote for it. https://t.co/W5yESDokno
There won't be agreement on reducing size of House unless Govt guarantees not to flood place with new tory peers. https://t.co/6tHjpK3JWP
A 15 year limit won't wash without a retirement age for existing peers. Times suggestion of 80 seems ok. https://t.co/6tHjpK3JWP
Interesting though leaking of document hardly good form. https://t.co/6tHjpK3JWP