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Twitter bio: Philip Hunt is Labour's spokesperson on the NHS, Higher Education and Cabinet Office in the Lords.

Affiliation: Labour
Join Date: 20 Oct 1997
RT @BearsT20: And a straight six from Stone does it!!! Bears are through. Phew...
RT @AngelaRayner: The Tory aide who was advising the PM during the election has now attacked tuition fees. It appears he agrees with us on…
I think it was an entirely fair critique by Owen Jones of the lack of any serious offer by the "centre" of British… https://t.co/6rp77V1bCY
RT @AngelaRayner: What a complete shambles this is, the govt blaming learndirect&learndirect blaming the govt, big privatisation fail👎 http…
RT @JSPF1_10: @AngelaRayner Privatisation never works - all it does it make the company / service worse & then gives the fat cats bigger pr…
No surprise about Hull's excellent politics degree. https://t.co/fOOIyyYBlP
When I first came to Birmingham in 1978, you could do that. Pity it was stopped. https://t.co/m14FUapgQ1
RT @washingtonpost: Analysis: Trump’s hatred of the media is ruining his judgment https://t.co/Ks06FF71nR
RT @GSFestival: Thank you to the wonderful duo; Nick Sales & Sarah Helsby-Hughes who were in concert together at the Savoy Theatre on Tuesd…
Bad news. I have an oral question in the Lords on Mon 11 September. RPI rate only used by Government to punish stud… https://t.co/WntSJ0x3np