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Twitter bio: Member of the House of Lords EU Committee. Tweeting in personal capacity.

Affiliation: Crossbench
Join Date: 18 Sep 2006
Above the fields beside the tracks from Ewelme to the Red Lion in Britwell Salome, the larks were singing. A yellow… https://t.co/qZJQZiAvoy
Sir Julian King, the British EU commissioner, told the Lords EU Committee this morning that security cooperation af… https://t.co/XhYYkPZ2TC
Amid the families of blue tits, great tits, goldfinches and robins, and the songs of blackbirds and thrushes and th… https://t.co/5ApqsZ6xse
I was asked on NBC yesterday if Boris Johnson was right to say the Irish border had been exaggerated as a Brexit pr… https://t.co/qm1ro1C3Gi
The spotted flycatchers have arrived in the village. Honey bees and bumble bees in the sage...all ready for the gar… https://t.co/g4w6XfscQv
The PSNI’s decision to halt the sale of three police stations on the Border is a chilling reminder of just how seri… https://t.co/7YMo4Z55kg
The swifts are nesting in the Almshouses, a family of goldfinches plays in the crabapple tree and hidden among the… https://t.co/lkqibbgK11
RT @SimonFraser00: Fortunately no need to comment on Foreign Secretary’s views here as the facts below speak for themselves....(though his…
The swifts were flying low as evening came, swooping on insects under a dark and lowering sky.
To the Bowes museum in Barnard Castle today. A magnificent museum in a late 19th century Chateau in a Durham market… https://t.co/JTbgACXkwe
At the Chelsea Flower Show last night, a magpie saw off a rose ringed parakeet - far above the champagne and networ… https://t.co/I9hk9xLGa9
Saving lives should know no national boundaries... https://t.co/nWFNkcTn0q
NASA to send helicopter to Mars. Shed travels at 100mph. Government reaches agreement on customs union. Which of these is untrue?
Well deserved recognition for one of the great buildings of England, wonderfully restored. https://t.co/Dxie34Et1Q
This evening, at the corner of 6th Avenue and 44th Street, a black cat, curled up, slept on a table with a cream co… https://t.co/LXxCZGxpvI
In Ewelme I awake to the melodious then raucous then soothing sounds of the dawn chorus....in New York this morning… https://t.co/kqUSvM3b1J