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Twitter bio: One time serial IT entrepreneur. Saw Spurs win the double. Was at Wembley in '66. Only saw Miles play once.

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Babies. Tons of happy babies in Israel very few in Umbria. Mmm.
Another big difference between Israel and Israel. BABIES. Babies everywhere in Tel Aviv but seldom seen in Umbria
RT @haveigotnews: Trump denies he took too long to denounce Nazis, and that he's shocked they've invaded Poland.
Germany will require social media platforms to take down hate speech like Holocaust denial. Or be fined up to €50m. Germany leads the way.
In list of top world universities - top Italian university is in position 170. Says it all.
In latest survey of World's top 10 universities - 5 are US and 4 are UK. For the UK this is an amazing achievement.
Italy to Israel in 4 hours. It's like a flight through the centuries. Israel so hi-tech and happening
6 yrs since I was last in Tel Aviv. What a fabulous city? Pulsating - full of energy and very 21st century
At long last temperature drop in C Italy. In 3 days from 44C to 26C. Maybe even rain tonight. Desperate.
Glad to see France taking tough action to ensure US tech companies pay their fair share of tax. UK should follow
London drowns under mega downpours - we in Italy have employed a water diviner. He says there’s plenty at 50m deep.Mumbo jumbo? Don’t care
RT @HenryPryor: Kids, there will be days when you might think it’s time/funny/worth/nothing-to-lose giving socialism a go but here’s a sobe…
@StewartWood The only country I've found is Australia.
Countries pushing for 1 gigabit ps internet speeds include Singapore S Korea Australia Spain. UK? Well Mr Hancock what about the UK?
So now you know Donald. Politics is not the art the deal, but the art of the possible.
I’ve been to Rwanda and love it. What they achieved since the 1994 genocide is amazing. But Kagame winning by 98%? Doesn’t smell good
33°C. At 9am. Italy frying and massive drought.
When you are close to giving up on America think about the gene editing breakthrough which could eliminate many hereditary diseases.
The Labour leadership admires the Venezuelan leadership. Tell me I'm wrong.