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Twitter bio: THEN: entrepreneur and politician. NOW: humble pensioner. LIKES: Spurs, jazz, movies, theatre and opera. LIVES: London, Umbria and New York City. LOVES: family

Affiliation: Crossbench
Join Date: 10 May 2000
It’s my 75th on May 6th. So I was looking at headlines for that day in 1943. ‘Stalin to offer Poland full independe… https://t.co/katNIQgPH6
It’s my 75th on May 6th. So I was looking at headlights nes for that day in 1943. ‘Stalin to offer Poland full inde… https://t.co/IjsYyRQ6wZ
According to Comrade Jez it’s McMafia, the Mossad, the CIA anyone except his mate Putin.
Come on Prime Minister stop faffing about - hit the Russians where it hurts in the oligarchs assets and bank accounts
Jeremy Corbyn - a man whose heart has always been with Mother Russia whether communist or dictatorial.
Could it be that Jeremy Corbyn trusts the President of the Russian Federation more than the Prime Minister of the UK? Yes it can.
Corbyn can’t criticise Russia because in his 16 year old Socialist Workers Party brain Russia equals good and US/Europe equals bad.
RT @DAaronovitch: Just to be clear, the Corbyn call for evidence re Russia is a smokescreen, just as was Ed Miliband's for proof of Syrian…
Theresa May reaction to Russia pathetic. Putin must be laughing. Should have invoked Magnitsky sections just like US
Civil servants objected to my amendments to Data Protection Bill. My amdmts could generate tens of billions of reve… https://t.co/5VRKZQlXJB
Bring in very tough Magnitsky laws. Just for once let’s show we mean business. No soft pedalling May and Boris.
Alexis Sánchez worth every penny of his £350,000 per week salary. Don’t you think?
Corbyn is pro Russia. Pro Iran. Pro Cuba. Pro Venezuela. Says it all really.
Corbyn believes that every international dispute can be solved through dialogue. Well Jez not always as we found at Munich
Corbyn has spent his whole life being pro Soviet/Russia. You can’t expect him to change even if the Russians wish us harm.
Jez why can’t you criticise Russia. Won’t the words come out of your mouth?
Explain to me please why a week after the Salisbury poisoning, locals are only now being told to wash their clothes, glasses etc?
Jez - you have been predictably quiet on affairs in Salisbury. Do you have an opinion on anything apart from the overthrow of capitalism?