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Twitter bio: Live in London, Umbria and New York. Saw Spurs win the double. Was at Wembley in '66. Think I was at Shea Stadium in '65 (but memory is a blur).

Affiliation: Independent
Join Date: 10 May 2000
Welcome to the new feudalism – with Silicon Valley as our overlords | Evgeny Morozov https://t.co/nAnKjb5H8r
NYTimes must have listened to my speech this week in Lords!!Silicon Valley Is Not Your Friend @via NYTOpinion https://t.co/PZOtZCz4uB
Next 4 Spurs games. R Madrid (a) Liverp’l (h) R Madrid (h) Man U (a). As tough as it gets.
Why don’t I use Parliamentary email? Because I don’t trust its security. Iranian Republican Guard could have a field day with my emails.
So if Trump turns his back on every international deal, what incentive does Kim have to conclude one?
@Marthalanefox If people keep on using Ryanair despite all what can you do? But they still keep airport tax that’s not theirs to keep
Harvey Weinstein - not as nice as he looks.
If you cancel a Ryanair flight you don’t get airport tax back. They keep it. All other airlines refund. I hate them
Just spoken to friend in Napa. Total devastation. Fire travels faster than people can run. Hurricanes. Fires. Earthquakes.
Close friends own a winery in Napa. Fire raged through last night. They are not allowed access. No one hurt. There is no global warming???
My speech in Data Protection Bill asking hard questions of Big Tech. https://t.co/jsOtLd1QRC
RT @antony_fry: Icymi @RupaHuq plz follow up on @lordparry speech re licensing anonymised NHS data. Black hole filler, parallels with 🇳🇴 so…
Great summary on Harvey Weinstein - ‘a man is as faithful as his options’
ENGLAND: Boring*Rubbish*Boring*Rubbish*Boring*Rubbish*Boring*Rubbish*Boring*Rubbish*Boring*Rubbish*Boring*Rubbish*Boring*Rubbish* KANE
Boris said that London is closer to Pyongyang than LA. I didn’t believe him - but he was correct - by 1,000 km
You want to hit bit tech companies Mrs May, then stay in EU. Google, Amazon, Apple FaceBook all coming under Brussels cosh.
Well done Sadiq in requesting Home Secretary to ban Hezbollah flags in demonstration. Amber what’s got into you, not agreeing?
Just seen BAFTA screening of Darkest Hour. Brilliant movie about our most crucial moment of 20th century
The thing about Theresa May is that she has no compassion. She cannot answer with feeling or humanity.