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Twitter bio: THEN: entrepreneur and politician. NOW: humble pensioner. LIKES: Spurs, jazz, movies, theatre and opera. LIVES: London, Umbria and New York City. LOVES: family

Affiliation: Independent
Join Date: 10 May 2000
Three family flights on BA in the last 24 hours. Every one more than 30 minutes late on departure. I fly often to… https://t.co/fSiGORutHg
@StewartWood @LFC My dad gave my brother and me a complete set of all England games at Wembley in 1966. Memorable
What’s the difference between Ryanair and BA? Ryanair always leaves on time. BA is always late.
RT @CommonFutrs: Amendments introduced by @lordparry and discussed at various stages of the #DPBill would have resulted in statutory guidan…
RT @Comey: Dangerous time when our country is led by those who will lie about anything, backed by those who will believe anything, based on…
It would be interesting to hear Jez’s current views on Venezuela. People’s paradise now bankrupt
I’ve said it many times before and it pains me every time but I have no doubt that Marks and Spencer are not long f… https://t.co/9YmCE7zHRO
Mark Zuckerberg must be feeling very pleased. He ran rings around Euro Parliament just as he did US Congress. Selec… https://t.co/8covx9LXU7
Sharing our data could help to fund the NHS — all it needs is for us to say yes | Business | The Times https://t.co/07Sxob2tCL
Apple very close to becoming the first ever trillion dollar company. When Steve Jobs returned in 1997 they were tee… https://t.co/6Ij3MH5QQy
RT @ProgressOnline: "We've got to crack these myths." @ChukaUmunna takes down some fallacies about EEA membership https://t.co/kboRqDfWSf
Today the PM will be giving a speech about using artificial intelligence to forecast and diagnose cancers much spee… https://t.co/6vSjUKMGBM
When I first met Margot James (DCMS Minister) a few months back I thought she was not on top of her brief. But hey… https://t.co/JF9J0v4YrW
Matt Hancock. If you truly want to tackle the Facebooks of this world you need to be utterly brave and determined a… https://t.co/k4uGNhhR58
Why do people mistrust politicians? You only have to listen to Barry Gardiner.
To me this rings true. The world has moved on. Opinion | It’s Benjamin Netanyahu’s World Now - The New York Times https://t.co/1NFPnwGfNn
RT @DPJHodges: Number of days since Labour Moderates appeared in parliament square demanding Corbyn acts over Labour anti-Semitism: 52. Num…
Full page ad in today’s Times. ‘We Muslims have one word for Jews. Shalom’. Powerful and very welcome. Read it. Spo… https://t.co/ZpdKLs0CoJ