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Twitter bio: Liberal Democrat Peer and Leader of Lib Dem group in House of Lords. Leeds United fan.

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 25 Sep 1997
RT @LibDemNewswire: Sale of Green Investment Bank is environmentally irresponsible... https://t.co/KAg4RTNhZi
Apparently our best trading option post #Brexit could be chlorinated chicken from a neo-Nazi sympathising POTUS. Great work, Brexit team...
Eurozone growth now twice that of U.K. And we haven't even left the EU yet. Brexit makes us poorer. It's madness #brexitshambles
Latest #Brexit plans fantasy response from nightmare govt. If they think the only solution is keep the status quo, why not stay in the #EU
RT @JamesMcGrory: Look at our growth compared to the stagnant Eurozone and our European counterparts. Oh. https://t.co/9Ju7WGiDRL
EU says #Brexit clock ticking, while JC and TM want out of single market but offer no alternative. No wonder many young people feel shafted!
Ex-head of FO slams govt on Brexit with understated “we are a bit absent from the formal negotiations” because cabinet split #brexitshambles
BofE says investment in the UK 20% lower in 2020 due to Brexit, whilst over 60% of Brexiters say “serious” damage to econ worth it #brexit
EU divorce bill causing attack of the vapours amongst hard Brexiters but such cost inevitable: Brexit will make us poorer #brexitshambles
Taoiseach says hard Brexiteers have had 14 months to come up with NI border plan and failed to do so. When will they? #brexitshambles
UK falters as business will not invest without direction on Brexit. Government offers neither a plan nor leadership #IOD #brexitshambles
Eurozone grows at fastest pace in six years. @bankofengland downgrades UK forecast. #Brexit makes us poorer – permanently. Let’s stop it.
A second Brexit referendum? It’s looking more likely by the day | Vernon Bogdanor https://t.co/edVD44TM9a
Silence of Corbyn on Venezuela speaks volumes. Shows double standards and no real support for human rights when socialist chums involved
Long queues at passport control as #EU diligent with border checks. Foretaste of true travel hell post #Brexit. #brexitshambles
UK consumer confidence in July at lowest level since #Brexit vote last summer. Contrast #EU where it is at its highest since the 2007 crash
Cabinet disunity over transition obvious & ongoing Labour split over single market clear. @LibDems only party to have credible unity on #EU
RT @guardian: Brexit border chaos will cause huge delays and cost £1bn a year, says report https://t.co/E8QgPTItel
RT @joswinson: "Chlorinated chicken may as well be the national bird of Brexit" - great blog from @davidallengreen in @FT https://t.co/FuSZ…
Tories now pushing for Brexit transition to take them past next election before costs bite to save their skins #cynical #Brexitshambles