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Twitter bio: Liberal Democrat Peer and Leader of Lib Dem group in House of Lords. Leeds United fan. #FBPE

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 25 Sep 1997
Figs show French firms registered 48% fewer businesses in UK in '16-'17 than prev financial year, Belgium 38% & NL… https://t.co/jJUTUnh28w
As people n N Ireland see potential costs of #Brexit support for it collapses. #FBPE https://t.co/rvEuV1ycMx
Desperately sad. Just back from Republic of Ireland where the PM, Foeign Minister and Finance Minister wld knock th… https://t.co/r6b3qkxieu
Yes, but many Tory Peers backed Remain and slavishly follow the Brexit Tory Whip . As do may Tory MPs. Sadly Party… https://t.co/bqH9F9jNug
These appointments show PM not serious about reducing size of Lords and smacks of hypocrisy https://t.co/oHK3Asu701
The 15th serous defeat for HMG in the Lords and even the Labour leadership are wondering if they backed the wrong h… https://t.co/0BGCaQfIzg
The PM’s approach to the Customs Union is the Hokey-Cokey of diplomacy. One minute in, the next minute out. The EU… https://t.co/htggaF2c9c
This is why House of Lords amendment to Withdrawal Bill to maintain environmental safeguards is so important. Gover… https://t.co/8xHKSgjMTQ
Simon Coveney stresses EU solidarity on getting legally binding text on NI border before signing any transition deal https://t.co/3YsbHSr4rB
The Government has no ‘plan’. It is using all it’s energies In internal rows. https://t.co/niAMETAonc
Lovely day in Dublin speaking at @IrishFunds conference on Brexit. Simon Coveney also speaking: shld be interesting https://t.co/b5dWIfEK27
RT @LeaveWatch_: .@GaryLineker has come out in favour of a #PeoplesVote on the Brexit Deal. Like and RT! https://t.co/JvCGnE9kU1
Reports that Dr Fox dept needed £10m bail-out to deal with shortcomings as a result of Brexit work. Same man suppor… https://t.co/WJawFXNDjq
TM now has half the cabinet, a growing number of Tory MPs, most Labour MPs, majority of Peers and all Lib Dems joi… https://t.co/uoclrPlBek
Lords gives a majority of 50 to amendment to Withdrawal Bill to retain environmental principles post March 2019.
As things go from bad to worse for Tory Brexiteers, blame game starts. Current scapegoats; House of Lords. Before t… https://t.co/tOG0Xe92OU
Falling productivity inevitable as business investment stalls and foreign investment collapses. All a direct conseq… https://t.co/MqaMxORSDz
If he thinks we're being lethargic, he hasn't been to Lewisheam East. https://t.co/n7okwRzst1
The @OpenUniversity has found widespread vacancies are forcing hospitals to spend £2.4bn a year on agency nurses; e… https://t.co/51AL4mkkQ9
14 amendments passed on Withdrawal Bill by coalition including LD peers plus almost 100 govt amendments which don'… https://t.co/uKkOBmhoY4