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Twitter bio: Liberal Democrat Peer and Leader of Lib Dem group in House of Lords. Leeds United fan.

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 25 Sep 1997
So "no deal" is purely a negotiating tactic. Does he think that EU isn't listening to him in the Commons? They know… https://t.co/KppB97HV30
Construction figs say 15% drop in office building work forecast for 2018. Where is govt infrastructure budget? Given as DUP bribe, perhaps?
Trade with Australia puny -less than 2% of total trade. And will UK farmers be happy with free trade in Australian… https://t.co/Gb09BcdgUe
RT @vincecable: The Brexit squeeze is getting worse and hitting the poorest hardest. Chancellor must end benefits freeze https://t.co/1iVmd…
Shock ONS figs show UK is £490b worse off than assumed. No buffer when Brexit fails makes need for ref 2 a necessity, not a choice #Brexit
RT @thomasbrake: 9% decline in car sales show squeeze on household’s purses, leaving thousands of jobs at risk. Sales also a barometer for…
And this is supposed to make it all worthwhile! Heaven help us #brexitshambles https://t.co/MrImKmJdXs
RT @georgeeaton: Hillary Clinton to Brexiteers on Trump: "You're making a trade deal with someone who doesn't believe in trade." #Marr
But's it's simply untrue that the 2016 Brexit vote can't be reversed. I'm not willing to be driven off a cliff. Joi… https://t.co/GcpQd9zCyA
And Government can’t blame Brussels for this delay https://t.co/LrgMaJe4Q6
Hammond makes no provision for hard brexit because Treasury knows if it’s a choice between cliff edge or no brexit, no brexit is only option
Hammond under intense Brexiteer fire for stating blindingly obvious uncertainties in economy caused by Brexit. Shows how deluded they are
In plain English: Brexit makes us poorer. We've got to stop it. Brexit ‘means Britain will miss global boom’ https://t.co/mSzKyIVB2K
The rest of the world may be having a growth spurt but the UK is not - entirely because of Brexit uncertainty and c… https://t.co/8ORrSwGtWD
Even when present, there is an absence of UK proposals because of Government divisons. #brexitshambles https://t.co/shMFhlvJxg
As we've been saying for months. You can stop Brexit. So now let's campaign to do so. https://t.co/GhFHybt2NY
But for everyone else, paying national insurance is simply the cost of doing business. Get used to it! https://t.co/oh4zFUA12w
Euro area manufacturing job creation hit record high as business investment rose sharply & to pre-crisis levels. Why are we leaving again?
Tories obsessed with themselves at the expense of electorate. They have zero idea of how they can reach any #brexit deal! #toryshambles