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Twitter bio: Liberal Democrat Peer and Leader of Lib Dem group in House of Lords. Leeds United fan. #FBPE

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 25 Sep 1997
If you voted Remain and think Brexit makes us poorer, less secure and less influential, the fact that the brakes ar… https://t.co/KsX4aOnFJt
Brexit makes us poorer #FBPE Brexit gloom weighs heavily on Britons https://t.co/ey4XLSYkSm
Transport for the North says region needs to spend £60bn to improve links. Too right it does. Currently travelling… https://t.co/ORjnr1LGOA
Great point by Lord Winston on #questiontime. Brexit threatens NHS used by’leavers’ in the North as much as ‘remain… https://t.co/88l2wKzbJ4
Labour, SNP, Lib Dems working with sensible Tories on behalf of the national interest is a great thing to see. Let’… https://t.co/Rf5cNGTA6g
Typical reaction on #Brexit defeat vote today from some tabloids. Perhaps they now understand what “taking back control” really means #FBPE
Disgraceful from Greening. I shared a platform with her during referendum campaign. She was a passionate Remainer.… https://t.co/x2iPnf8Tls
DD gaffe on status of #Brexit agreement will push back the start of trade talks to the spring, says EU Council. Mak… https://t.co/qBBdrgKDZf
Why "shock". This has been blindingly obvious all along #FBPE https://t.co/jPuOcOOJ2N
Inflation at 6 year high of 3.1%. Wages growing 2.2%. Brexit already making us poorer #FBPE
Corbyn under pressure from MPs to clarify views on single market & customs union. Time to get off the fence? #FBPE
This amounts to £350k per country. Better than nothing but the idea that this can have a material ipact on poverty… https://t.co/fqo1IASTZz
About to respond to @theresa_may statement in the Lords. I want to know why I can't be an EU citizen, unlike people… https://t.co/f69jkiCOhs
Cracks already appear in Tory ranks as Davies & Gove try to pretend that Friday’s agreement is non-binding. No wond… https://t.co/d1QRJnQX80
That is either extremely fortunate - or potentially disastrous for the country #brexitshambles #FBPE https://t.co/1lRTTZw0Vm
RT @JohnSimpsonNews: UK will pay £40bn+ to leave EU. One estimate says NHS funding gap will be £30bn by 2021, while another puts cost of ho…
... but Yorkshiremen cannot have EU passports unless, presumably, we move to NI. This is madness and must be stopped https://t.co/mT9E2H1AlG
This non event just gives talks about talks. The fact that leavers are excited shows desperation...