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Twitter bio: UK Govt Health Minister // Founder & Trustee: Floreat Education Academy Trust

Affiliation: Conservative
Join Date: 1 Oct 2015
RT @sciencemuseum: It's not the apocalypse! Dust in the atmosphere is causing blue light to be scattered, making the sky appear red https:/…
RT @rcolvile: Counterintuitive stat of the day: public sector job satisfaction in the UK is at its highest on record - 72% happy vs 13% unh…
Brilliant idea for creating new housing based on model of mutual support. This is how to build more houses AND get… https://t.co/GCK0ERFFNs
RT @toadmeister: 1/ Free schools are now joint top of the Progress 8 league table, according to this morning’s data release by the @educati
RT @DouglasCarswell: @jamesosh thanks to digital, future is in more contribution-based welfare. UBI a retrograde step. UBI is rich ppl's id…
The basic problem with UBI is not economic or even political, it's moral. It replaces the idea of mutuality with on… https://t.co/EuKha1I2eC
RT @StuartLock: This is just phenomenal from @amanda_spielman and I hope this is the new era: https://t.co/LcMbLYUS87
RT @AnthonySeldon: Jesus preached about unconditional love. How did we get from there to Balliol students banning the Christian Union as an…
On #worldmentalheathday remember that 1-in-6 people are suffering on any given day, so show kindness to anyone you meet. It could be them.
RT @EdspaceHoxton: We’re the #coworking partners of the Innovate Edtech Conference 2017! Check out our blog for more info: #innovateedtec
RT @AnthonySeldon: Mental illness is one of the biggest killers of men under 50. Please support @strikerboybook campaign to help @MIND with…
RT @edwest: It's not enough we build more housing - we need to build more beautiful housing that makes people happy https://t.co/vbjaV7AV5…
RT @deannaraybourn: OMG. Cathedrals are in a Twitter fight and it's glorious. https://t.co/UrrwCOsmTB
RT @danny__kruger: 'Any treatment you need... for everyone... you won't pay for treatment' https://t.co/ARxgnprlpl
Well done boss! Really strong speech from @Jeremy_Hunt showing this Conservative Govt's commitment to improving pat… https://t.co/ikubzc9FyM
Superb appointment. @janeEllison was a very highly regarded MP and Minister, and used to hold the Public Health bri… https://t.co/Ccw5xcdb7p
Great article, especially idea of public service enterprises that merge best of public & private sectors. Must be b… https://t.co/0ZLoZzWibT
RT @Keystone_Tutors: Keystone Tutors: Celebrating a Decade of Unlocking Potential https://t.co/sf6u3xGPfz