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Twitter bio: Lord Porter of Spalding, Leader of South Holland DIstrict Council, Chairman of the LGA . All tweets are my own, apart from those that are not!

Affiliation: Conservative
Join Date: 15 Oct 2015
This is how hard done by Lincs police are compared with other forces, our PCC has to grow our own truncheons ( let’… https://t.co/hZoraZKdJc
Should have said elbow not blow, all in the mind of the designer of predictive text! https://t.co/N4851mVH7j
All governments for the last 40+years have been using to much ‘Mr Sheen’. A bit more of blow grease is what’s neede… https://t.co/0QikuPIn19
Fixing the housing crisis, is like making a stool, it has 3 legs (private sector, Councils and RSLs) bugger up one… https://t.co/KFHz4HYh2u
RT @CllrElaine: I’m with you on that Gary. @England team have been smart & professional and have been a credit to us & made us proud. #Thug
Or at least that’s what they told the police, after the neighbors had called them!#lovetocollectthings https://t.co/6b1RM0O7dK
This is kind of right, I couldn’t really give a monkeys about the game itself, but it was great to see so many peop… https://t.co/nisWwEIzN6
Hope they figured out what is causing it and what you need to do to fix it. Events this week are only supposed to… https://t.co/UBAlxTh7TF
My words but said on behalf of whole local government family. Are you in Tommy’s? https://t.co/soLGGThjgs
Sorry to hear you are unwell, we certainly are doing the inside celebrations for #NHS70 https://t.co/6mRB1IiC1o
RT @SpaldingPolice: Bobby Bear has had a lovely morning visiting the children of Small Saints pre-school in holbeach - lots of smiley faces…
This is good news for those of us who care about housing. @LGANews is ready to do whatever we can to help… https://t.co/mqznTqL7rq
RT @LGAcomms: Did you know that the first female councillors got elected as early as 1907? If you've ever considered following in their foo…
RT @MarcJonesLincs: A beautiful morning in South Holland; here for a catch up meeting with John Hayes MP. Very lucky to have such engaged M…
Just some of the things that make you a bloody good choice to be Local Governments SoS. https://t.co/CRYoLMuFCo
RT @MarcJonesLincs: London Mayor complaining it’s hard to manage on 3.3 police officers per 1000 population. In Lincs we have 1.46 officers…
He and all of his colleagues should be praised for what they did that night, people are alive today who simply woul… https://t.co/1mcFVWhh6H