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Twitter bio: UK Deputy Prime Minister 1997-2007, former Deputy Leader of the Labour Party and Sunday Mirror Columnist

Affiliation: Labour
Join Date: 7 Jul 2010
RT @SophieandAdrian: @johnprescott connecting past to present and carrying the winds of change with @jeremycorbyn. #Labourrally #Southport
RT @johnreyno42: Met John Prescott tonight at Corbyn rally in Southport https://t.co/P2Nz1GAG7C
RT @Andrea_loves80s: Amazing Labour rally at Southport this evening! @johnprescott hilarious and @jeremycorbyn brilliant as always #Labourr
RT @19MW98: @johnprescott the 'winds of change' thanks for coming to Southport John https://t.co/E0ly41cGBX
So @theresa_may is happy to condemn Big Ben on being silent but silent on condemning Donald Trump. Pathetic. https://t.co/ETE2rIjwOz
RT @iredalepolitics: Former deputy PM @johnprescott tells audience in Edinburgh why he wants a 'Council of the North' from Hull-Liverpool h…
RT @Alex_RowleyMSP: At the Fringe @johnprescott making the case for U.K. constitutional change & a Council of the North @EdinburghUni https…
RT @nick_forbes: Good to welcome @johnprescott to Newcastle today - a strong advocate of devolution and giving more powers to cities and re…
RT @SadiqKhan: I am simply unwilling to commit more public money to the Garden Bridge. https://t.co/0mxgftT3vZ https://t.co/WfeYLN3Wxj
The Garden Bridge - another Boris vanity project -bites the dust wasting over £37m. @SadiqKhan absolutely right not to fund £3m running cost
How can you chair both a voting company used in Venezuela election & a group calling for regime change? https://t.co/xSmRDv4tXx
RT @Gail_McDade: Our page has been down since Saturday 😔... but it's up and running again now! #sponsorus https://t.co/UHRFvIDRbd
A centre party from ex Daily Mail Political Editor who wrote this story, worked at DEXEU & now a corporate lobbyist… https://t.co/I4pu2i2cg9
RT @pilasaci: Jim Carrey gets intimate about art and unveils a number of paintings in 'I needed Color', his official art debut. https://t.…
Well done Owen. Would you take a call from John from 'ull? https://t.co/cDqii57CBb
RT @OwenJones84: Here's my video about the Tories' bloody role in the Saudi war on Yemen >> https://t.co/sXbVHvAhor