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Twitter bio: UK Deputy Prime Minister 1997-2007, former Deputy Leader of the Labour Party and Sunday Mirror Columnist

Affiliation: Labour
Join Date: 7 Jul 2010
RT @FisherAndrew79: Homelessness and rough sleeping have risen every single year since 2010. The Prime Minister refuses to pledge it will r…
Just been sent this from someone who wants to make a Xmas jumper! 😂 https://t.co/4X4ETMRWzp
RT @dazshep69: @johnprescott @TheSundayMirror my 13 year old daughter did the same in the summer. She cut 7 inchs of her lovely long blonde…
It's snowing. We're all feeling Christmassy, so let's do something festive. In my @TheSundayMirror column I write a… https://t.co/zvk5Rhr4CG
Tory budget gave us nothing for nurses, schools or police. My @TheSundayMirror column https://t.co/K2HoK4IWdN
Congratulations @LabourRichard on becoming Scottish Labour leader. I look forward to working with you on the Labour… https://t.co/bjFtJz4eZG
Thank you @CarolineLucas for mentioning my @TheSundayMirror column on a budget for climate change on #Marr. https://t.co/FmULyMLYaS
RT @GNOpinion: This is how #climatechange treaty can still deliver despite #US pullout, @johnprescott and Andrew Hammond opine https://t.c…
Why a turkey has a better chance of making it to Christmas than Theresa May. My @TheSundayMirror column https://t.co/x9CGld9cjR
Theresa May can't even get her letters write. Signs as Theresa but it's printed Priti Patel 😂 https://t.co/Uspgvp6IDT
When you can't even sack a minister who lied to you, you've got to ask what's the point in being Prime Minister?
RT @jeremycorbyn: Speaking out about rape and sexual harassment takes enormous courage. Bex Bailey has shown incredible bravery. https://t.…
International development can only succeed if we tackle climate change, equality & poverty. Good piece @KateOsamor https://t.co/2ACnTvjOs2
RT @Crap_Portraits: @johnprescott Still, you have this too look at. Any similarity to Les Dawson is entirely accidental. https://t.co/mLQhT…
RT @MirrorPolitics: Scrap the House of Lords and start a Senate that represents the whole country, says @johnprescott https://t.co/GRMc7WMK…