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Twitter bio: Liberal Democrat peer in the House of Lords

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 21 Jul 1999
RT @FXMC1957: 9 August 1999. Charles Kennedy became leader of the Liberal Democrats. Staunchly opposed the Iraq War https://t.co/VwMjAgd3HL
An expensive flop - @Conservatives campaign for #GE2017 https://t.co/lwajDRUBbS Who was to blame? (Victory many fathers, defeat an orphan..)
RT @DavidLHennigan: Thanks to @LordRennard for the Maths. He rightly points out that #Neymar is only worth 2 DUP MPs.
What's happening with the Parliamentary Boundary Reviews? https://t.co/z9qemBcBjS via @libdemvoice inc. my comments @LibDemLords
RT @DanRather: "The Mooch' out as Trump's Communications Director: The most chaotic start to any American Presidency in history has just go…
Come back President Bartlet and Leo McGary - US and rest of world need you now #Westwing
RT @nytimes: Breaking News: President Trump has pushed out Reince Priebus, his chief of staff. https://t.co/sXLldUb4Pq
RT @vincecable: Details of my Q&A tour around the country - keen to meet as many party members as possible over the Summer: https://t.co/B2…
Labour MP says shadow minister is 'fundamentally wrong' on Brexit https://t.co/bEtC5aZtHt
Saw @dunkirkmovie last night. Thought it was a great film. Too often felt in need of 'Dunkirk spirit!' https://t.co/qX1tCfO1YL
Police "formally considering" allegations over Conservative Party's 2017 general election campaign https://t.co/APaYZwSzYh via @markpack
RT @KeepTheBanUK: It was great to meet and have an informative discussion yesterday with @LordRennard Thank you Lord Rennard all his campai…
Vince Cable: Lib Dem leader, economic guru and romantic novelist https://t.co/v4yNsse4wu - has the experience that the country&@LibDems need
The scandal of big tobacco’s behaviour in the developing world My letter (amongst others) in the Guardian @ASH_LDN https://t.co/bORaEt7lh5
RT @electoralreform: Hereditary Peer By-elections were a bizarre stop-gap that have out-stayed their welcome https://t.co/wiNlJ4VhwE
Delighted to see this, published on day of AGM for APPG on smoking and health https://t.co/pMoxFzkP9E