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As Jews approach #Shavuot which is the covenant between us & God through receiving the Torah, Elaine & I wish HRH P… https://t.co/fdd9voOEgo
Thirty-three centuries after they were first given, the Ten Commandments remain the simplest, shortest guide to the… https://t.co/GbKoTS4OXn
It is when we stop defining ourselves in relation to God and start defining ourselves in relation to other people t… https://t.co/0lAJhC8u72
Why then should we seek what others have? If what matters most in our lives is how we appear in the eyes of God, wh… https://t.co/Ar1tEDFkGf
It is precisely the first three commands, reminding us of God’s presence in history and our lives, and the second t… https://t.co/KRd5BgMcpR
It is the most basic force undermining the social harmony and order that are the aims of the Ten Commandments as a… https://t.co/bBEjngz5IT
It was envy of their neighbours that led the Israelites often to imitate their religious practices and worship thei… https://t.co/8L8qUvlMGz
Envy led Cain to murder Abel, made Abraham and Isaac fear for their life because they were married to beautiful wom… https://t.co/yNRxyEx2jW
Envy can lead to breaking many of the other commands: it can move people to adultery, theft, false testimony and even murder.
Rene Girard, in 'Violence and the Sacred', argued that the primary driver of human violence is mimetic desire, that… https://t.co/2gyYY47c8e
This seems odd if we think of the “ten words” as commands, but not if we think of them as the basic principles of a… https://t.co/jVzapEfPop
Finally comes the stand-alone prohibition against envying your neighbour’s house, wife, slave, maid, ox, donkey, or… https://t.co/LLlC8H1cZQ
A just society needs more than a structure of laws, courts and enforcement agencies. It also needs basic honesty on… https://t.co/XRC68kRhhT
The prohibition against theft establishes the integrity of property, which John Locke saw as one of the bases of a… https://t.co/hwnYNWxo8S
The third three – against adultery, theft and bearing false witness – establish the basic institutions on which soc… https://t.co/a8Qg5yDNSQ
So the fourth, fifth and sixth commands form the basic jurisprudential principles of Jewish life. They tell us to r… https://t.co/t5Fuwsoqmr
Honouring parents acknowledges our human createdness. “Thou shall not murder” restates the central principle of the… https://t.co/SVwe2NKu6b
The second three – the Sabbath, honouring parents, and the prohibition of murder – are all about the principle of t… https://t.co/8tVEpZVDon
The first states that Divine sovereignty transcends all other loyalties (No other gods besides Me). The second tell… https://t.co/bJSxJZJ81q
However, it also makes sense to see them as three groups of three. The first three – no other gods besides Me,… https://t.co/ShEeWTjS2z