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Twitter bio: Faith leader, philosopher, author, 2016 Templeton Prize Laureate. TED Talk: https://t.co/FYdGHp3H3M Subscribe: https://t.co/FE9xz0O5Qs. Tweets by Office of R.Sacks

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The #Chanukah lights are the symbol of Judaism’s refusal to jettison its values for the glamour and prestige of a s… https://t.co/ZJY6jH3nIZ
Listen to my Covenant & Conversation essay on parsha #Mikketz - ‘Jews and Economics' here: https://t.co/DlKPMro4Fo… https://t.co/zDw2GlqNRX
RT @OUTorah: A reasonable case could be made that Joseph was the first economist... @rabbisacks on Jews and Economics! https://t.co/a6BMmZ8…
There always were 2 ways to live in a world thats often dark & full of tears. We can curse the darkness or we can l… https://t.co/ERdTeaA8zn
Read my Covenant & Conversation essay for parsha #Mikketz on 'Jews and Economics' here: https://t.co/mWBNuW6pgM… https://t.co/SIzNtTxz1j
The Chanukah story still lives, still inspires, telling not just us but the world that though tyranny exists, freed… https://t.co/a1iJwdsemJ
Here is an audio recording of my remarks yesterday as part of the global @Jerusalem_Post & @IsraelDiasporahttps://t.co/MixEd2IWnL
Jews and Economics | Mikketz, Covenant & Conversation 5778 on Life-Changing Ideas in the Parsha 💰  - https://t.co/QF38hCtgCm
RT @Jerusalem_Post: Watch: Lighting a Hanukka 'candle of hope' with Rabbi Jonathan Sacks https://t.co/p8sFnjVLE6 https://t.co/PdVeql9kmn
From the days of Moses and the bush that burned and was not consumed to the days of the Maccabees and the single cr… https://t.co/ttbZ17G4gD
Join me live NOW as part of the @Jerusalem_Post Facebook Live Chanukah lighting project, in conjunction with… https://t.co/T2pZ3rAHB5
Join me at 3pm today (UK) for a Chanukah lighting as part of @Jerusalem_Post Chanukah Facebook Live project in conj… https://t.co/Iq10n2DnOu
Join me at 3pm today (UK) for a Chanukah lighting as part of @Jerusalem_Post Chanukah Facebook Live project, in con… https://t.co/EPL4Kib6gI
Join me at 3pm today for a Chanukah lighting as part of the @Jerusalem_Post Chanukah Facebook Live project, in conj… https://t.co/2qjPj4QDv5
RT @Number10gov: The Downing Street Chanukiah (Menorah) has been lit to celebrate the first night of #Chanukah. Read the PM’s Chanukah mess…
Join me tomorrow at 3pm (UK time) live on Facebook when I will be lighting candles and sharing some thoughts on Cha… https://t.co/gIo06YmT60
Join me for a @Facebook Live #Chanukah lighting tomorrow (Wednesday 13th December) at 3pm (London time) from Hasmon… https://t.co/PleNEBwkzf
Never believe that a handful of dedicated people can’t change the world. Inspired by faith, they can. The Maccabees… https://t.co/NCyVWEsET9
On Friday, I was delighted to participate in @JustinWelby / @LambethPalace debate in the @UKHouseofLords on the rol… https://t.co/OIuSjxtMLa
On 7th December 2017, Rabbi Sacks spoke in a debate in the House of Lords on Education. The debate was moved by the Archbishop of Canterbury and stated: That the House takes note of the role of education in building a flourishing and skilled society.Be...