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Twitter bio: Established but not the Establishment - Remainer not Remoaner. Adopted Sheffielder . Liberal Democrat Cllr & Peer. Enjoying life without a ūüĎĒ

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 19 Sep 2014
I agree Colin. I was asking a serious question about use of single throw away cups. That to me is important for t… https://t.co/R3X8oaMPVs
I agree Colin. I was asking a serious question about use of single throw away cups. That to me is important to the… https://t.co/RmU99WyoqP
RT @UKHouseofLords: #HouseofLords quizzes govt on plans to ban disposable cups for hot and cold drinks now in #LordsQs https://t.co/RtZWNZq…
RT @BirdBahrain_: Only #1week left to help us hold #LandRover and #Rolex to account for celebrating #HumanRights abusers at the #RoyalWinds…
Strange how Lord Forsyth has become the self appointed John- Paul Gaultier of the Tory benches! https://t.co/Yrt8NcNnkz
I'll bow down to your superior knowledge David. Fashion as many will tell you is not my strongest subject! https://t.co/9zhZR6wzK1
No I was expecting a much more grown up and sensible reaction. I.E no reaction at all https://t.co/kfQvyZ1HA8
Another Tory, Lord Forsyth,getting hot under the collar about me not wearing a ūüĎĒ .Goodness sake man its 2018 not 1818.
Looking forward to asking this question in @UKHouseofLords in next 20 mins https://t.co/duTKP0ZYEr
RT @DuckDuckGo: Facial recognition is a huge invasion of privacy & extremely error-prone, putting innocents at risk. Most people captured…
RT @LD4SOS: How upfront NHS charges are affecting migrants in Sheffield - a false economy, and a denial of a fundamental right to healthcar…
We've had a busy few weeks. My @LibDemLords colleagues and I are not prepared to see the Country we love thrown off… https://t.co/H4WdKUVIVf
RT @bbw1984: Thank you to everyone for coming, and to all our Parliamentary speakers: @DavidLammy @GreenJennyJones @LordStras @Paulscriv…
RT @BirdBahrain_: People have made their voices heard by raising £1,020 to take action against @LandRover and #Rolex for hosting #HumanRigh…
No thanks needed at all. You and all the human rights activists are the one's we have deep admiration for https://t.co/NSzCAX0F4Q
Mick sorry to hear that. Hope she doesn't ? but FOBT has got to be regulated tighter https://t.co/HdEC6zzSUS
Really pleased with the £2 FOBT statement today. However the real issue not been addressed is the easy of access to online gambling
RT @BirdBahrain_: Only 11 days to go to fund our #CrowdJustice campaign! Help us to hold #LandRover and #Rolex to account for continuing th…