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Twitter bio: Established but not the Establishment - Adopted Sheffielder . Liberal Democrat Cllr & Peer. Enjoying life without a ūüĎĒ

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 19 Sep 2014
Sheffield is known about IN Africa for investment....for innovation...for our two great universities? No what is ma… https://t.co/yokEIHiGab
It is to stop megaphone diplomacy down the M1 and M18 and try to find a common way out. You don't do that by shout… https://t.co/InnXzxVPNW
And that headline kinds of sums up the why we might not be moving forward together! It has to be South Yorkshire fi… https://t.co/Wt2Cu38vTt
RT @mcashmanCBE: Sadly he’s not a closet brexiteer. He’s got history. The Labour Party needs to recover its international credentials and t…
Nige mate not wanting to point fingers but remind me how many years you been drawing a EU politicians salary and ho… https://t.co/loZy5DcaYL
RT @ChrisBurn_Post: Exc: Sheffield Council spent over £30,000 in 18 months on overseas trips to China connected to failed plan to turn city…
Seems to me the people of Alabama chose hope over hate, togetherness over division, pro choice & equal love. Looks… https://t.co/2lzZtHbWk9
Sheffield pulls out of China deal; files reveal financial concerns Something just isn't stacking up here. More lig… https://t.co/uCnDdf1Waj
RT @UKLGIG: 12 lesbian, gay and trans clients granted asylum from Sep to Nov! They are from south Asia, southern Africa, west Africa, north…
Good news...the desk is waiting for you in the Council chamber. Looking forward to you shining lights into the dark… https://t.co/JREgv6SoKR
RT @Adam_Hanrahan: It’s abundantly clear that Julie Dore sees herself as Amey’s representative to Sheffield rather than the people of Sheff…
What a stupid man. This Government has to be the worst one in my life. Devoid of ideas and a moral compass https://t.co/GXgK6z1VX4
If you assume an 8hr day just under...but most days I do more than 8 hrs...so I wish! https://t.co/ow0auLS9Vu
Typical Labour in Sheffield. We have a plan but no money to make it happen. Don't worry by magic it will happen! L… https://t.co/weuOfkYLfQ
When it comes to the Cities Trees To quote Oscar Wilde....There are lies...damn lies..... and "estimates" from Shef… https://t.co/Q7IWZmBFgU