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Twitter bio: Independent Labour Peer, life-long campaigner for British independence and self-government.

Affiliation: Labour
Join Date: 14 Sep 1983
RT @DanielJHannan: Why should we listen to calls for another referendum from people who, by definition, don’t accept referendum results?
The Chequers debacle is what happens when Government is taken over by bureaucrats. The Prime Minister preferred to… https://t.co/LUtWgRKGgD
‘I find it shameful that Remain campaigners are willingly accepting huge sums of money from George Soros, who made… https://t.co/vwKqbs55R3
‘The British people had a vision of a positive future outside of the EU when they bravely voted for Brexit on 23rd… https://t.co/mqtoMBqIbg
‘We do not trade with the EU but with individual countries and we should make it clear to each of the EU27 that the… https://t.co/ghnSyzE3BC
The passage of the EU (Withdrawal) Bill through both Houses of Parliament this week is hugely significant because i… https://t.co/YpHsczGFZ1
The British people had a vision of a positive future outside the EU, when they bravely voted for Brexit on 23 June… https://t.co/WFL85adkua
If Labour is serious about wanting to win the next General Election to implement their policies, it should back Bre… https://t.co/BsVp4mcZaN
George Soros made approx. £1 bn attempting to destabilise Sterling. Now it seems he is using part of that cash bona… https://t.co/JKuBq43U02
The Govt has avoided answering my question but the fact remains that Mark Carney was not a good choice for Gov of B… https://t.co/mg1ez4zb6V
This is my view of the heinous behaviour of the House of Lords over Brexit. https://t.co/bLaTRrKiZ1
With the petition for a referendum on the abolition of the HOL reaching 116,000 signatures, I set out my thoughts o… https://t.co/HNwoXsyqIZ
My thoughts on the activities of the House of Lords on Wednesday: https://t.co/1Q2ZKxDvKL … via @tfa4freedom
The Govt’s evasive answer about its knowledge of Novichok production in Russia suggests it failed to inform the Org… https://t.co/crJ9sAN3Af
A magnificent speech by the Australian High Commissioner. I wish that Govt Ministers would talk about our country w… https://t.co/mzLojzh9Fh
Gender equality doesn't seem to work both ways! It is an extraordinary situation that nearly twice as many women w… https://t.co/jmIip5oNXy
RT @BetterOffOut: Peer slates Electoral Commission for ‘caving in’ to Remainer pressure on Vote Leave funding investigation: https://t.co/c…
ElCom not only approved the donation to BeLeave but it subsequently looked into this issue and found nothing wrong.… https://t.co/SXpkI0dxWz
RT @DanielJHannan: Threatening newspapers because they have criticised you? That’s the sort of thing we leave to countries whose leaders we…
Since 2010, the Govt has spent £74.5bn on overseas aid. This included austerity years and over the next 7 years, at… https://t.co/Z7l6B4Ry0F