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Twitter bio: Entrepreneur, working Peer, Bathonian, Liberal Democrat. Fighting for the underdog and against too much intrusion into our privacy & suicidal Brexit

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 10 Jan 2011
.@Jacob_Rees_Mogg Jake, sorry to have to tell you that Somerset is not the centre of the universe. Ireland will no… https://t.co/XVTCrl2J5M
.@Jacob_Rees_Mogg Picture better than 1000 words. https://t.co/QTEYlCo6tO
RT @OFOCBrexit: There's a reason we have a theory test AND a practice test. The practicalities of Brexit are what we're seeing now. How wel…
Please RT. Facebook busy shooting the messenger instead of facing up to their own serious failings. https://t.co/4YJlwUP6E2
Now this is getting really serious. The Mail website - yes the Mail - has 6 stories on Cambridge Analytica includi… https://t.co/aY9zWhxtf6
I have spent my political life fighting govt snooping on entire UK population. This is even worse. It's the wild w… https://t.co/mLVWCopgCQ
I have spent my political life fighting govt snooping on the entire UK population. This is even worse because it's… https://t.co/3fvO55mqps
RT @Snowden: Businesses that make money by collecting and selling detailed records of private lives were once plainly described as "surveil…
RT @HarleyRouda: Energy firm Lukoil, which is now on the US sanctions list and has been used as a vehicle of government influence, saw a pr…
RT @JulianHouseUK: We have extra camp beds available at our hostel in #bath for the next 3 nights due to the cold weather. Please report r…
Now this is getting even more interesting - a clear Russian dimension to Cambridge Analytica, who worked for Trump… https://t.co/kWdOMpMGYU
RT @Snowden: Facebook makes their money by exploiting and selling intimate details about the private lives of millions, far beyond the scan…
Here is the first of apparently many @Channel4News reports on the sensational scandal surrounding Cambridge Analyti… https://t.co/0M5RrxmWqw
RT @jonsnowC4: From internet genius to whistle blower: Chris Wylie: Cambridge Analytica; Steve Bannon and more. Manipulating the digital ag…
Please RT. Hello. Anyone at home at the BBC? This is a big story and you are ignoring it. @bbcnews @BBCBreakinghttps://t.co/5dRgA2luXv
Read all about major brewing scandal about hijacking of democracy here https://t.co/H7REuI1gJI and here… https://t.co/Jcqqb7QuNt
This story is going to be *huge* and could have big implications on this side of the Atlantic as well. https://t.co/aQVe0Nty11
MASSIVE BREAKING NEWS. VoteLeave's main contractor, Cambridge Analytica, is in deep trouble in the US. Senior whist… https://t.co/6j2JSEMViK
RT @timfarron: I'm in the Refugees Family Reunion Bill debate. I'm rarely in Westminster on a Friday, but this Bill is so important. I fo…