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Twitter bio: Dad. Politician. Politics teacher @UniofOxford. Chair @UNAUK. Love @LFC, cricket, Jethro Tull, Joni, 10cc, alt-country, film, Germany. Ginger. Labour. Still 39.

Affiliation: Labour
Join Date: 15 Jan 2011
The intelligence services are back at the centre of politics in both the UK & the USA. In London, they are the key… https://t.co/W7NCvZtgzD
Margaret Hodge excellent on the scandal of how Scottish limited partnerships are abused to “create anonymous & untr… https://t.co/knCczQAsqf
Fascinating interview with the Russian scientist who helped developed #Novichok - The @OPCW never put Novichok on t… https://t.co/iqdiDWW07b
The Trump twitter archive is a stonkingly entertaining time-sink when you want a 10 minute break. Themed groups of… https://t.co/t0FCFMb6v6
There are different ways to play politics with a national security crisis. https://t.co/JP7T1nWU0N
I'm looking forward to Mr Williamson's strategic defence review. Feels like it's in good hands. https://t.co/5svfxjjlJN
I support the Prime Minister's proposals announced yesterday. But is there any reason to think British troops face… https://t.co/NaLSUWMA5r
“The United States believes Russia is responsible for using a military-grade nerve agent” on British soil. The que… https://t.co/XJXGirDwrT
Let's play "Who said it: Stephen Hawking or Jim Bowen" 1. "The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is… https://t.co/JjYVYIbG8J
I’m sure the Federation of Small Businesses know their orchestral percussion instruments https://t.co/bJsW4PQg82
RT @SkyNewsBreak: PA sources: Toys R Us is to shut all 100 of its UK stores after administrators failed to find a buyer for the collapsed r…
An important piece by @alexmassie. Britain's foreign policy is increasingly a bizarre pick-and-mix of solidarity &… https://t.co/6OKi0zcR3C
Our @UNAUK explainer on how international institutions, law & regimes can & should be used to respond to the use of… https://t.co/pYevW7AVz0
Our @UNAUK explainer on how the international institutions, law & regimes can be used to respond to the use of chem… https://t.co/unLy4cn20Q
The Director of @TheIFS is pretty clear about the state of UK economic growth. Three kinds of comparison. Three kin… https://t.co/en2x8MdYTx
One day, Trump will run out of Americans to replace the people he has fired. https://t.co/xZWoAHqpUU
Boris Johnson told the EU to “go whistle” if it expected the UK to pay a divorce bill. Today the @OBR_UK said our… https://t.co/HyrC9rkit1
"Experts say lines are becoming blurred between organised crime & Russian security services, opening the possibilit… https://t.co/c1qSpXNoPO