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Twitter bio: Archbishop of Canterbury, serving the Church of England (@C_of_E) and worldwide Anglican Communion. New book #ReimaginingBritain out now.

Affiliation: Bishops
Join Date: 26 Feb 2013
RT @charlielindlar: "Three of my predecessors died because they were involved in politics. You would have thought that we might have learne…
RT @SkyNews: "God is not left-wing or right-wing" says @JustinWelby as he's asked whether he leans toward Jeremy Corbyn's policies https://…
RT @CanonOakley: Listening to Miroslav Volf at the launch of @JustinWelby ‘s new book. He says we should set aside an hour every day, a day…
RT @waltonandy: Great conversation on hope for the future of Britain (and the world) between @JustinWelby & @MiroslavVolf at @lambethpalace
Great to talk about #ReimaginingBritain live on Facebook earlier. As we approach Easter, I’m continually reminded t… https://t.co/YatOJedKo1
I'll be live on Facebook at 12pm today taking questions about #ReimaginingBritain - hope you can join us! Watch her… https://t.co/rrzHDCgQDd
Watch, share and take to heart @MayorofLondon’s brave and vital stand against hate speech. This daily abuse is sick… https://t.co/HujiDoxy9D
Looking forward to discussing #ReimaginingBritain live on Facebook tomorrow. Post your questions about the book, fa… https://t.co/DmioyqOJkV
Looking forward to discussing #ReimaginingBritain live on Facebook tomorrow. Post your questions about the book, fa… https://t.co/MXcDM0cmzl
At this time of international uncertainty, please join me in this prayer today: https://t.co/fExUFPaMoA
Professor Stephen Hawking’s contribution to science was as limitless as the universe he devoted his life to underst… https://t.co/wshFSCLHjd
Truly the most generous thing we can do in any of our days is simply take the God-given opportunities to witness to… https://t.co/PjjPGms5iL
The best thing anyone can do with their life is to be a witness of Jesus. This means encountering Him – witnessing… https://t.co/1fUImrlfgR
Wonderful to catch up with Hosam Naoum, Dean of St George’s Cathedral in #Jerusalem, at Lambeth this morning. We co… https://t.co/wQeLvUMsZ8
RT @ShaneClaiborne: I'm thrilled & honored to be collaborating with the Archbishop of Canterbury @JustinWelby as we cast a vision for how p…
Why isn't God doing anything about the huge problems in our world today? As @ShaneClaiborne says in this wonderful… https://t.co/9ZbTzWlyeG
On #CommonwealthDay let's pray with gratitude for the Commonwealth countries. So many have #Anglican communities –… https://t.co/JQU2lNclmy
Will miss Ken Dodd - he attended Liverpool Cathedral faithfully while I was Dean there. Always friendly, always wis… https://t.co/vH7gxuFhWo
RT @c_of_e: How does the Church help people who find #MothersDay hard? Read a blog from @Sandierah9 to find out more: https://t.co/Ydiz2IKG…