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There's only one Harry Kane - what a great player and so pleased to see England win!
RT @susiecourtault: ⁦@Women_4_Europe⁩ and ⁦@rosaltmann⁩ sharing a moment at SODEM. She loves our tshirt and wished us all well #StopBrexit
House of Lords just sent strong message to Commons that we can't allow a few ministers to override Parliament and f… https://t.co/tzr1vZOHOM
We are now debating the EU Withdrawal Bill on ping Pong in the Lords. Will be an important vote on whether this Bil… https://t.co/gsBMU0B66o
Have you been collared in the street to make donations to charity? BEware what you're signing up for and who really… https://t.co/Zrj1rcUp15
RT @charlessr1956: @rosaltmann Brextremists are using Trump tactics. It doesn't matter how illogical the content of your assertions, so lon…
Do Brexit extremists really think threats of NO Deal are taken seriously by EU? Everyone knows we can't have no dea… https://t.co/MbbgqtAMJA
RT @mahcialc: @Tony__Cox @ProfBrianCox @jake_findlater @KateGannon12 @rosaltmann Yes, but in those cases walking away means you retain the…
RT @beckymbarrow: This is brilliant. Type in your postcode and find out how many crimes were committed in your neighbourhood last year - an…
Attempts to allow UK to crash out of EU with No Deal must be stopped. This would be economics of the madhouse. Time… https://t.co/270IxeKB6e
The Amendment which Dominic tabled has gone down in the name of Viscount Hailsham. I assume it will pass easily in… https://t.co/3bgS8sV5rx
RT @remain_central: Tory Brexit war explodes as rebels brand ⁦@theresa_may⁩ 'sneaky' and proclaim they'll defeat her. Brexit chaos as PM’s…
RT @SpursOfficial: 🗓 Here is our full, provisional @premierleague fixture list for 2018/19. #COYS https://t.co/5NotX8FYvX