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Delighted to see that @38_degrees have joined the Liberal Democrats campaign to put 1p on income tax for the NHS @LibDems
Imams must ensure Sharia marriages are also legal under British law, according to gov green paper published today.… https://t.co/yGJoGugwHK
Today in the #EUWithdrawalBill, @LibDemLords are fighting to ensure that the Tory government cannot introduce priso… https://t.co/yiV7AW8Qvf
Did you know that one in seven girls don’t know what’s happening to them when they have their first period? 2 in 5… https://t.co/w09D71M02B
On this small planet the World Economic Forum says the average gender gap between men and women is 68%. On this s… https://t.co/xBcC8RsGMZ
In the #EUWithdrawalBill today, @LibDemLords are fighting to protect the rights of EU citizens in the UK #FBPE #ExitfromBrexit
Nobody voted to diminish their rights, yet Brexit poses a huge potential threat to paternity, maternity and adoptio… https://t.co/GHIGAuXCQg
Shocked to learn government is not following Corston Report and sending London prisoners all over country, away fro… https://t.co/MG9KgMRP6r
BBC News - Former sex worker 'vindicated' after High Court win https://t.co/FKKNWiPttb Well done those brave women… https://t.co/KuWPsRkvyd
Today in the #EUWithdrawalBill, Lib Dems are fighting to ensure that family law decisions made in the UK continue t… https://t.co/y7eXa5MzCd
So West Midlanders...if you voted to leave the EU did you realise you could be up to 13% worse off? Wouldn’t you l… https://t.co/CEmkb8p4YW
Spoons save lives! Girls fearful of being taken abroad for forced marriage put a spoon in your underwear before goi… https://t.co/cuwsf1d0Xq
I got gentle amusement from the finding that our first ancestors in Britain has dark to black skin and blue eyes- o… https://t.co/PYZutwKkoh
Women earn nearly 1/3 less than their husbands by the time child is 20. Minister agreed to meet me and discuss my ‘… https://t.co/2WLdrfTlOQ
Today my friends is International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation 2018. It’s so hard to believ… https://t.co/bAUliPCTP5
Equalities Minister Amber Rudd @Govt_Equality: Open civil partnerships to all - Sign the Petition! https://t.co/xSiC0PQpdc via @UKChange
A happy moment this morning. hundreds of women parliamentarians cramming into central lobby for their photograph on… https://t.co/jf90sgUrqO
Health experts have come together to call for a ringfenced tax to save the NHS. The @LibDems are the only party wit… https://t.co/uAbrKZ9A4U