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At last Iraq acknowledges expulsion of Jewish community: 800,000 Jews were forced out of Middle E countries in the… https://t.co/hfykp2RnlB
Well put. "Leave" is not about money, money, money. It is about democracy, the rule of law, representation, trust a… https://t.co/m9oVhLAnsf
#KingsCollegeLon reputation in ruins. https://t.co/RCvoC2GWLs Also Israeli students visiting for Peace Week UK were… https://t.co/JqaZfaxa2d
Bearing in mind the duty of the university to allow lawful free speech, this is shameful. https://t.co/11UaZnmewB
Discussions about violent protests against Israeli speakers, hate speech against Jewish students, & the need for un… https://t.co/ZKVyq1lqHy
.#EUSanctions on Russia. Well, they haven't changed Russian behaviour have they? and growing European dependence on… https://t.co/IalXgh3kQN
Italian election results: a protest party and a far right wing party, reflect EU Eurozone failure and political inc… https://t.co/AXuJTa9EST
Time to extend this (good) call for equality & careers to the law about how money is apportioned on divorce, where… https://t.co/pGrkObSzYG
Poland's record is even worse - not even 14% of the plundered property of 3m Jews. Dina made heroic efforts to get… https://t.co/MWmgNW4jZc
A once-great university has fallen to the mob. Glad some students are fighting back. https://t.co/R13bqczRqG
On the contrary. Europe, especially Germany, very heavily reliant on Russian gas, and dare not offend Russia. We ca… https://t.co/dwXDyTzjuz
RT @mishtal: It isn't just about the individuals that share hard-core antisemitism. It the 'enablers' and the 'gatekeepers' - those that ar…
Here's the report https://t.co/TrweCLUidb #DeechReport. The group continued to meet for some years to check progres… https://t.co/nbXd45BhRf
.#plumbingforce.co.uk promised to come same day after doubling call out charge. Didn't come then or the next 2 days… https://t.co/2tMPcMwcJs
A unique athlete of total integrity; great Master of Pembroke College; distinguished neurologist; warm host & famil… https://t.co/LzlkEmHHfi
RT @londonette: RIP Roger. We were related by marriage but sadly not in sporting genes. A wise, gentle man. #rogerbannister
RT @GatestoneInst: When it comes to the issue of #Polish anti-Semitism, #Europe is suddenly at a loss for words. This suggests that it is n…
Poles' attitude to Jews 1930s-40s:https://t.co/bWW1Hsc0ij & now https://t.co/MOupLpjbz6; https://t.co/Eq5cFRDfkj
US Senate calls for justice for deprived Holocaust survivors & fulfilment of Terezin Declaration re looted property… https://t.co/RhWfM7pI30