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Norwegian People's Aid funds terrorists with EU donation of 1.76m euros. What is the EU going to do about it? https://t.co/N7mH6bDLga
RT @BFHU1925: @BaronessDeech As part of celebrating 100 years since we laid our foundation stone, British Friends of Hebrew U is now on Twi…
Canada’s independence from Empire took 50 years to resolve legally; India decades too. Henry 8 break with Rome took… https://t.co/3yupaF99Yo
RT @MsJulieLenarz: Corbyn's office push through Claudia Webbe as head of Labour's dispute panel charged with rooting out racism. She's a fo…
It was wartime, they were uninvited refugees, and their treatment was worse than Windrush: https://t.co/XnJU1XVFUT… https://t.co/YVvdtwcQYh
My Bill - half the property & pension, prenups binding, limited maintenance, more for children. Not just "wives". S… https://t.co/vY5ymA6gsq
So why refuse to reform a law that achieves so little; where spousal maintenance reduces Universal Credit £ for £;… https://t.co/V7hH0RlVkF
https://t.co/S6t2hE9p6T So should Muslims in the Labour Party and all members with a conscience
RT @MsJulieLenarz: You remember Baby Layla from Gaza who allegedly died from inhaling Israeli tear gas during the border riots? Not only di…
.@Dannythefink We must publicise ongoing Polish denial of justice https://t.co/kq6VRBpBiA
I wonder if the same limited approach will be taken by the court re #nofaultdivorce in Owens - expecting wide rangi… https://t.co/zOXyYCqtIw
This is the subject of a debate in the House of Lords tomorrow https://t.co/p9GcSbxXzy
Wonderful programme, wonderful #Gillian Reynolds @AvyxGillian another example of how St Anne's took untraditional a… https://t.co/OBc7Z80gcY
Honour for Nigel, well deserved. And he's been elected a bencher of Inner Temple. https://t.co/6sjDK0XGld
Perhaps start with my very similar 2009 report "Women Doctors-Making a Difference" https://t.co/TrweCLUidb & ask wh… https://t.co/RQoXAznRhx
Surely nothing undermines the confidence of potential BME & state school candidates for #UniofOxford than to have t… https://t.co/bq3BmrHCat
.@UniofOxford could transform its BME/state school admissions statistics by halving the large number of Classics en… https://t.co/BJ89SzCBWk