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RT @tom_chance: The claim that the govt would translate EU->UK law is in tatters already as it aims to "rip heart out of enviro law" https:…
RT @Iwin1961: £3.1m cost of over-policing Lancashire anti-frackers @GreenJennyJones https://t.co/KCsM5uhIIM
I've signed this and hope you will too. Dirty air is bad for everyone's health, particularly children. https://t.co/1pnchdrZb9
RT @PeterTatchell: UK's voting system elects governments with a majority seats based on only 37% of the vote . Not democratic! @MakeVotesMa
RT @FrackFreeYorkie: What @GreenJennyJones said (Y) Police show their true colours at fracking protest | Letters https://t.co/7n9ZH0KAX2
RT @jon_bartley: Creative education, Basic Income, Freedom of Movement, transition. Only @TheGreenParty is focused on future of work: https…
RT @helensteel12: It's #MI5 & Police who destroy democracy by sending #spycops into campaigns to undermine, smear & prevent change https:/…
In keeping with learning I did in my #vegan week, here's my 1st pair of vegan boots. They are great, altho can't ge… https://t.co/LCd7XUzAYX
He said it was fine to tweet about 'putting him straight'! https://t.co/XEO1V8a1Fa
Exactly. Not enough to say the right thing. Have to act on it too. https://t.co/VMSZzOiDHv
RT @natalieben: Water - a huge #privatisationfail: only 14% of rivers in England “good” ecological status, 27% in 2010 https://t.co/FCNnIt…
RT @Iwin1961: @BBCRadioLondon @VanessaOnAir But they can waste time and money monitoring unlikely 'domestic extremists' like @GreenJennyJon
What is the point of producing food in a way that poisons people living near farms? https://t.co/Gf1o1oOVjX
Walked to work this am, not over W'minster bridge as usual, but over the Wobbly Bridge for a meeting in the City. L… https://t.co/X4SZApQdug
My week on Twitter 🎉: 236 Mentions, 346K Mention Reach, 552 Favorited, 70 Replies, 407 Retweets. See yours with… https://t.co/KKicX2MODW
RT @helenvecht: @Iwin1961 @GreenJennyJones Excellent article but AIUI paving on Exhibition Road cost nearer £30M than £3M!
RT @Iwin1961: Changing how we farm to support vegan choices and high protein crops. New Report supported by @GreenJennyJones https://t.co/5…