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RT @newswatchbbc: Fran Unsworth is the BBC's new Director of News and Current Affairs. So who is she? Here's the BBC's outgoing news boss…
Thank you x100 @azeem what a brilliant xmas gig by urban voice collective ūüĎŹūüĎŹ https://t.co/xP0s1IW0Eo
RT @DdotReed: My article for the Guardian, on @JoJohnsonUK's plans to promote 2-year degrees. A great idea, that could open new options for…
This is a fantastic film about kids going into care - pls watch ūüėď https://t.co/WRiJZPC3Pi
RT @nytimes: The FCC voted to repeal Obama-era net neutrality rules. Here’s what you need to know. https://t.co/sz9pMKhNfz
RT @rachelcoldicutt: ūüĎáūüĎáthis this this. Making it about AI makes it a future, abstract, difficult problem. https://t.co/eI99U6sDeu
RT @EmmaKennedy: What a beautiful sight. And that’s parliamentary sovereignty in all it’s glory, Brexiters. https://t.co/igpCivyZL9
I really salute my two colleagues - esp beeban kidron for the massive work she has done on protecting kids online l… https://t.co/dP0XLVVbt6
.@MattHancock talking about how govt has to act in concert with industry + civil society in order to make sure we b… https://t.co/Od8bF5u4zk
Great that @MattHancock so sure uk can be #Ai world leader - I hope he’s right, such conflicting reports of where w… https://t.co/XqBKM2CsFi
RT @HetanShah: On the theme of diversity that @Marthalanefox raised those at #AIethics might like what I recently found in our archives: th…
Yes! As Mary wollenstencraft said ‚Äúthe beginning is always today‚ÄĚ https://t.co/nYrhj8WrZ9
amazing to see @susanthesquark as the @FT person of the year this morning - seems fitting on day of @techUK #digital #ethics #ai conference