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2012 FR: huge @VodafoneUK bill for watching Olympics on iPad (ok, stupid, but notifs 72hrs out of date). 2017: same loc, free, no internet
Plus, @mvanhulten, hundreds, even thousands, of new layers of British bureaucracy. It called 'taking back control'… https://t.co/IAcuUBfOfC
Whereas #Brexiteers never had a grip on it in the first place https://t.co/uHGWyl7xMQ
RT @instituteforgov: Brexit, dispute resolution and the European Court of Justice https://t.co/BSivmKclkA
.@thomasbrake: 'To be trying to reopen the issue reeks of desperation at an approaching economic storm and a cabine… https://t.co/iCcxgFTBDF
RT @markpack: Looking for polling on how people in the UK view the word 'liberal' - any pointers? Ta! @anthonyjwells @ProfTimBale @ProfJan
RT @StevePeers: Some interesting details from the FT's story on the upcoming Brexit paper on UK/EU dispute settlement. https://t.co/DgWLFUf…
No internet on @vodafone contract iPad via @SFR or @orange; fine on @O2-contract iPhone via @bouyguestelecom but th… https://t.co/Hw455itmAQ
.@davidallengreen: govt "seeking media clamour to mask lack of detailed work so far, [spinning] 'stepping up pressu… https://t.co/V7TNPzf9Le
I'm sure @VodafoneUK couldn't possibly be reacting to abolition of roaming charges by making internet connection imposs in France, could it?
All part of the 'blame the EU for failures of #ToryBrexitgovt' strategy; we're not that stupid, & they're certainly… https://t.co/vxN8j0CnlY
I'm afraid it's that kind of fantasy thinking that has got our country into this mess https://t.co/vHfrTy610F
'Today, Brexit looks increasingly less like Dunkirk and more like the Charge of the Light Brigade' https://t.co/DE5FPH3HnN
'plus possible de mobiliser la notion de liberté d'expression pour justifier l'existence de groupuscules aux idéolo… https://t.co/ltx5Hvxtlg
I acknowledge probs elsewhere, but parts of London have no or very poor broadband, & moble coverage patchy, so not… https://t.co/POx8iotmZD
RT @mggfnc: Do you think #Brexit will have a good or a bad effect on the #NHS, or will it make no difference? 🇬🇧🏥
RT @PeterHoskinsTV: Meet Acton Smee Ayrton, the British barrister & Liberal MP, who gave his name to the Elizabeth Tower's Ayrton Light AKA…
'Boys & girls can be equal without being forced to share loos'. Adults too (though please provide more ladies' ones… https://t.co/r4Ybo6ng4K
.@VictoriaPeckham reports only 1 thing 'gender neutral experiment' 7yr-olds 'loathed with equal passion: unisex toilets'. They are so right.