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How can there be an interview on @BBCr4today with Liam Fox about ‘how to spend *the* Brexit dividend’ without it be… https://t.co/52Z9tRKWrI
Signed. I’ve never understood why @EU_Commission lets printer manufacturers get away with killing off competition f… https://t.co/zAOn8VmP8y
We get EU Withdrawal Bill in Lords next week. Context might be #Brexit but content is really about the constitution… https://t.co/E7kf6LxUCM
“Charity fundraiser for men only..auction items included lunch with Boris Johnson.. at after-party many hostesses g… https://t.co/b9TIaAcTJw
Well, the ‘monitoring’ of apparently foul language that this silly article picked up on included a distinguished cr… https://t.co/NeAKCUFTS6
Thanks @jwsal! A great man your dad, Eric Avebury, much missed. He would have been furious at #ToryBrexitgovt attem… https://t.co/kVH74h8kfh
Facebook to “roll out a new set of tools aimed at making it easier for users to make informed choices about their p… https://t.co/9h72eIGxiN
I think I might be getting credit on false pretences since the worst I said myself was a - welldeserved IMHO - ‘twa… https://t.co/GXd2V50msh
I think we can assess the validity of this exercise by the fact that one they cite is when I retweeted ‘Can see why… https://t.co/80ZLGJZgoJ
Yes, if @bbcnews had given the same coverage to sensible hardworking MEPs from other parties that they’ve given Kip… https://t.co/l5bNCD7EuH
I would prefer the BBC’s media editor to refer to ‘Mr Murdoch’ rather than ‘Rupert’ , which is too pally by half.
‘You’ve got a big profile’ Humphreys tells Farage, as he interviews him again in the key @BBCr4today slot. The BBC… https://t.co/K8LzOCkwEn
Don’t. You’re making me so jealous. In UK, a #ToryBrexitgovt is the despair of most businesses https://t.co/iIa7TBENDl
You can add the #NHS to their Brexit low priorities, @37paday, despite the promise of a Brexit bonanza https://t.co/xmp6osn3Q8
.@SebastianEPayne: “Conservative party has largely abandoned Cameron’s ‘modernisation’ project and adopted much of… https://t.co/ZmH4Rq7LGd
“An internal CBI report on the future UK-EU relationship is scathing about the prospects for a ‘cake-and-eat-it’ so… https://t.co/h0qg1lMlbI