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No, because May govt has made it a 'red line' to refuse to stay in the European Economic Area which, as they have l… https://t.co/Zxm8D29k4W
"Commons leader Andrea Leadsom accused @thomasbrake of 'talking the country down'." Would be funny if the casualtie… https://t.co/hdc9sPOwKl
Only if someone can actually explain what concrete 'potential solutions to the problem' there are o/s SM & CU - as… https://t.co/AmwxxHIu3d
'Varadkar believes he cannot leave that to chance, especially as May’s positions on the customs union and single ma… https://t.co/1SYU6MHV8k
I agree @jonlis1 that Labour & @LibDems need to work together - totally up for that - but it would be much easier i… https://t.co/9oU8XYQzfg
Nice legalistic point but there is nothing to stop Labour, if it wants to be clear - as opposed to ToryBrexitgovt f… https://t.co/FeA1hMBEZs
Well, @jonlis1, do tell then what exactly 'a' as opposed to 'the' customs union is! One which is 'fully equivalent'… https://t.co/5PBZwmcYJp
.@EU_Commission doc: ‘UK red lines mean exit from the single market. All rights, obligations and benefits derived c… https://t.co/99SFpVqRKw
RT @CloughOlive: . "EU Brexit negotiators taking tough stance on aviation - would dramatically restrict UK airline operating rights unless…
RT @RTUKnews: Are your fellow Tory MPs Andrew Mitchell, Peter Bone, Michael Fabricant, Philip Davies, David Davies, Nigel Evans, Sir David…
There are no 'quote marks' around our support for Remain. But if you withdraw Art 50 without a democratic mandate t… https://t.co/yBPDwSCQaL
Yes, note I only said ‘awareness’; I did not claim that the nirvana of accurate knowledge, understanding and judgem… https://t.co/aDT393CcfX
Even more than the usual high standard comment from @IanDunt. Essential reading on how trade relies on regulation,… https://t.co/ooKCYlJgEG
‘The truth is Britain is pretty much alone in the direction it is taking. The rest of the world is consolidating re… https://t.co/nYHXXdxeSH
‘in reality, cooperating on reg facilitates trade, means 2 countries can ship goods between them without long check… https://t.co/tDHZqjLSCL
.@IanDunt: “Global free trade is about cooperation on regulation. This fact has driven most British free trade advo… https://t.co/bhmzM8oCF8
.@IanDunt ‘When talks finally turn to the future relationship, the EU will ask what we want. And the truth is we do… https://t.co/Z3c8jXh5kz
The only - ironic - silver lining of Brexit is that it’s forcing on UK MPs/peers/ministers/media & public an awaren… https://t.co/PIWte4GgH0