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I think 'these islands' is an acceptable phrase, no? I like it as expressing a particular Brit-Irl connection - exp… https://t.co/4gQiP5O3fL
Yes, it's shaking up our alliances and alignments, usefully so https://t.co/gdFf4AN28r
We live in revolutionary times. IMHO @campbellclaret is now as much of a national treasure as Dominic Grieve https://t.co/q2ZcsmjJGt
'no longer willing to pretend..no longer willing for the delusions of the few to dictate a strategy for the many, w… https://t.co/xssHFD9aoE
John Humphries interviewing German MP as if it's down to EU27 to stop UK crashing out without a deal, by giving up the money demands
'Imagine damage to our democracy when the 89% of Leave voters who did not think Brexit would make them worse off di… https://t.co/UYQWARjUiY
How on earth DUP MP Jeffrey Donaldson thinks 'Brexit would be good for the Union' is one of life's deeper mysteries https://t.co/tR1v7Wn4QF
'the continuing secrecy raises pressing qu's about transparency in UK politics – particularly as DUP now holds the… https://t.co/qEfbpowwhX
'landlords do not have knowledge or skills to do the job properly'. @LibDemLords esp Sally Hamwee warned agst makin… https://t.co/i6hsEoOlGn
Both biggest parties. Other saner options are available. @LibDems https://t.co/dFOdYh6BhU
'both sides agreed that these issues r being discussed in the framework agreed betw EU27 & UK' - i.e not over dinner https://t.co/ZQ4REaX9Xc
And although Norway is outside the CU, the arrangement it has with Sweden only has to cover the rather small trade… https://t.co/flwXP9h3zq
.@sven_giegold: 'Such incidents bring to mind Putin’s Russia, not the European Union.' https://t.co/lvRertoKGp
Plus the 6 mths they wasted in court trying to 'take back control' for govt from Parl & the 2 mths over a completel… https://t.co/8QMIFYjDF5
Lyall Grant on @BBCr4today failed to cover diffic for UK continued partic in EU crim justice measures while rejecting EU Charter Fund rights
Lyall Grant conf on @BBCr4today re post-Brexit sec data-sharing may b too complacent: EU data prot 'adequacy' jdgt may baulk at UK bulk coll
Is it really necessary for John Humphries on @BBCr4today to keep interrupting Ken Clarke in order to defend 'no deal'?
Actually they provide great deal of the 'infrastructure', by building it in construc ind'y, as suppliers of vital s… https://t.co/eo5VOxARLB