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.@UberUK trying to bully the safety regulator is an ugly sight
Is Boris going to be surcharged for £46m of taxpayers' money wasted on the ridiculous & thankfully defunct #GardenBridge? If not, why not?
.@FT reports Apple was poised to donate to #GardenBridge if allowed to have retail store on it - wasn't PR pitch that it was public space?
Tory minr Penny Mordaunt tells #bbcaq that ppl not allowed to re-evaluate wisdom of Brexit once know facts - had 1 chance in 2016, that's it
Abdic of resp for Tory govt to say UK courts 'may' take EU/ECJ law into ac in trans/re EU cits. Exposes court to full force of Brexit press
Oh God, Charles Moore on #bbcaq blames Remainers, BBC, Lords, Bxl for #Brexit negs mess - everyone except Tory govt which has wasted 15 mths
Don't worry - reg of EU migrants is merely the precursor to Tory 'hostile environment' for us all: ID cards, finger… https://t.co/HWxLde3u2o
RT @GaryGibbonBlog: Brexit transition: Cabinet not completely harmonious at May’s plan https://t.co/T4uSzmBnWZ
Extraordinary: B Jenkin complains of EU failure to say 'what it wants its post-Brexit relationship w UK to be'. That's up to his Tory govt!
Will @UberUK lobbying of its customers & slagging-off of @TfL have to stop - as contempt of court - once they appeal?
RT @theobertram: I've written a short guide to how policy is really made at Labour Party conference. https://t.co/2aUcbInzdn
Good apart from oblig tribal knocking-copy agst @LibDems: our #ldconf is democ, fair, transparent & powerful, & man… https://t.co/i68yQxFvAk
'each side protects their delegates, keeping them hidden (& sober) until the last minute, like key witnesses at maf… https://t.co/tAdVmQrjZ5
#blackcabs not a monopoly, there are licensed minicabs. Comp good, but only if safety rules observed (leaving aside… https://t.co/jRRGKY4XqY
.@FT: once Uber drives taxis & minicabs to the wall, will exploit mkt share to raise prices. Then passengers will wonder what went wrong...
.@FT: 'on safety issues, Uber's approach has been to avoid responsibility where possible'. Yes, they blame @TfL for allowing dodgy drivers!
RT @SiobhanBenita: @LdnLibIdeas Safety concerns should be addressed. I hope the decision can ultimately be reversed. I use Uber as do my da…
.@MarinaHyde: 'for the past few months, May’s messaging strategy has been predicated on the fact that the EU doesn’… https://t.co/k2YoTGzsoM
"She felt both 'the eyes of the world' & 'the eyes of history' on her..did not mention eyes of D Mail, which she ma… https://t.co/nu2kJHrwXj