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No sorry to disappoint you but all of my HOL allowance goes to cancer charities. https://t.co/XvB7LfkD8a
...Life is too short to have so much negative energy. And to the ones who’s salaries are paid by our taxes, in my o… https://t.co/SPqWNG4jiB
...It’s where I grew up and I feel a responsibility to help however I can. The show aires soon and was a very posit… https://t.co/68B4KGP8qq
I’m surprised by the negative reaction of so many people to a TV show that hasn’t even come out yet. This TV show h… https://t.co/WQoExszfka
...I have so much respect for my background, home&the people of Glasgow especially the East End which you’ll be abl… https://t.co/YRHXAstLGq
...It’s so disappointing that people have made a snap judgement on what the series is about&I hope they will reserv… https://t.co/JlHWHbT3FB
I have to address some of the horrendous comments going around on social media re the new Channel 4 show I am parta… https://t.co/R1AmtENMjj
My thoughts & prayers go out to the people involved in the disaster #Genoa #Italy
Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday. It’s time to pack again! Off to #Siliconvalley to film for our Global busine… https://t.co/sBgJjHFBfx
Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday. It’s time to pack again! Off to #Siliconvalley to film for our Global business launch 🍾
Good luck to my wee girl Bethany who is filming her own show with Channel 4 this week ❤️ https://t.co/P57Kve06Mu
Had a brilliant family dinner. After all these years battling with my weight I’m glad I’ve finally found the answer… https://t.co/mUOfzsKTOx
A bit cloudy but having a brilliant family holiday #StBarths ❤️ https://t.co/RcmZezMWBP
At men’s final with my guy & here to support @JudyMurray @jamie_murray in the mixed doubles. Superb seats in centre… https://t.co/BnCxgHaxVj
Brilliant few days with my guy & Michael Buble. Fun dinner & Michael was a total SUPERSTAR at Hyde Park https://t.co/JLxxQ8SfRL