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RT @bbclaurak: Again, this is a row the PM could really have done without https://t.co/LiQCwpQPbu
RT @wgcs_finance: As the talks move on to discuss detailed issues related to the transition and to the long-term relationship, it is vital…
The @guardian 's Health editor needs to brush up on her devolution knowledge! #Wales already has an opt-out rather… https://t.co/U9fJg6Omm7
A wonderful exhibition in #haverfordwest @spacetocreate demonstrating the link between arts and health and wellbein… https://t.co/EnLC14TR01
BrandonLewis UK Tory minister making lots of promises on EU immigration - wonder if they will hold as much water as… https://t.co/xDc9Zjz1CL
Our social housing is a valuable resource, but it is under considerable pressure. @WelshGovernment want to give loc… https://t.co/mbtsC516l4
This is the biggest targeted investment in primary and community care infrastructure by @WelshGovernmenthttps://t.co/XW3zLbsxcV
RT @fotoole: So "take back control" comes down to being controlled by a minority party in Northern Ireland for which no one in Britain can…
My office in #Haverfordwest is serving as a drop off point for @PATCHcharity's toy collection - please consider giv… https://t.co/QFBkNkqS9B
My office is serving as a drop off point for @PATCHcharity's toy collection - please consider giving an extra gift… https://t.co/nEGgAqrGI5
And what a brilliant Director @JaneHutt was. Still pressing the case for equality with @JulieMorganLAB all these ye… https://t.co/uEmP43OiNV
Great to meet with and speak to members of @montyclp this morning in #Newtown #Powys #Labour https://t.co/xHy0PhTcfY
RT @kieronsrees: Great to hear @wgmin_LifeIaith talk about the benefits of degree apprenticeships - ‘Degree apprenticeships will help bridg…
Great to be encouraging children to read from a young age. https://t.co/WI7mgTfNxE
RT @VaughanRoderick: BBC Cymru Fyw - Radio Cymru 2 i ddechrau darlledu ym mis Ionawr 2018 https://t.co/ncAlvxWVrS